If nothing goes wrong, it’s not an adventure

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Are you wrestling a ferocious crocodile today? I hope so. Does that overbearing reptile threaten to tear your arm off in one bite? Awesome!

Why? Because if nothing goes wrong, it’s not an adventure.

Think about it.

  • Where would Marty McFly be without Biff Tannen, a lightning storm, and a broken-down DeLorean? Most likely hanging out with other dropouts from Hill Valley High School.
  • Where would Sister Maria be without the Baroness, the Nazis, and a pack of wild hooligans?  Still at the convent, waiting for a miracle to rescue her.
  • Where would Indiana Jones be without rolling boulders, snakes, a French archeologist, and evil Nazis? Back at Marshall College teaching yet another tiresome history lesson.
  • Where would Luke Skywalker be without storm troopers, the Death Star, and a wookie in a trash compactor? In a cornfield on a farm in some obscure world.

Without your current enemy, you’d never be pushed to your limits.
Without your current challenge, you’d never dream of trying something new.
Without the pressure on your shoulders, you’d never sprout wings.

What kind of crocodile are you up against today? What is he building in you? What can you share with others about overcoming adversity?

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