What’s a Worship Ebb?

Written by on December 2, 2013

“What’s a worship ebb?” I scratched my head and asked. I opened an email that said The Warrior Class, a group of prayer warriors for Graham Cooke’s ministry with whom I have the privilege of serving, is taking a worship ebb. The idea is that in the ebb and flow of battle, you can’t always be in the flow. You’ve got to take deliberate time for the ebb—to draw back and prayerfully consider how things are going.

From now until New Year’s,  The Warrior Class is taking a break from training, working, and exchanging information, and instead going deep in time of intimacy with Christ.

I invite you to join us and open up opportunities in the next few weeks to:

  • Reflect. What has this year held in terms of upgrades?
  • Meditate. To just be with the Holy Spirit. Hang out.
  • Worship. Put on music and soak in His presence.
  • Be still and know that He is God. Revel in being instead of performing.
  • Focus on God’s faithfulness in the past and His promise that He’ll speak to us again in His time.
  • Focus on God’s desire. Who is He in this season?
  • Ask questions. Be okay with not knowing the answers.
  • Wait on the Lord with intentionality.
  • Enjoy unresolved issues and delight in the process God’s using to transform you.

What are you doing this month to increase your time of intimacy with Him?

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