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I ‘m excited to share with you my most popular blog posts in 2015:

Unoffendable   What if your personal track coach, the Holy Spirit, was working to improve your personal best in a race, and strategizing with you not to forgive offenses faster?

Woman Start Race IStock (resized)


Want the insider’s track on how to win a cash prize in the 45th Parallel contest March 2016? Pick up a tip or two from the 2015 winners:

Announcing 45th Parallel Contest 2015 Winners!

1st Place:     Lynette Roth   Interruptions    April 21, 2015    What paradigm shift did a dog named Gizmo make for Lynette Roth while she was camping?

2nd Place:  Bethany Hayes   Lessons From a One-Legged Sandpiper  May 5, 2015   When things are off-balance and we feel like quitting, what lessons can we learn from this lopsided little nipper?

One-legged Sandpiper - Bethany Hayes

3rd Place:   Linda Jo Reed   Upheld in Reflected Glory  May 19, 2015  What does the reflection in a lake show us about how we best reflect the glory of God?

Upheld in Reflected Glory

6-Alarm Fire!  What did a 6-alarm fire, a block from my home, highlight for me about my responsibility when “alarms” and “sirens” are sounding in my friends’ crises?

Fire Engine Photo #4

What a Tandem Bike Ride Taught About Trust On a getaway in mid-Oregon in September, what did the back seat of this wobbly vehicle bring home about trusting Tim and God?

Tim & Lynn tandem bike (2)

Jesus’ Applause-O-Meter  I never knew Jesus had one. Seriously! How do we frame recognition, in order to direct the world’s attention to the source of our wins when they come?

Jesus Applauding

Which post  was your favorite this year?  Why?

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