The Secret of Guilt-Free Living: The River Radio Show

Written by on June 6, 2017

Like me, do you play and replay scenes of past events in your mind and wish you could move forward without condemnation?

Last week I had an awesome chat with Maxine Marsolini on her program The River Blog Talk Radio. We unearthed the secret of guilt-free living and how guilt, shame and regret have thrust all of us into the vortex of lies holding us back from breakthrough.

What is a possibilitarian and how do you become one, anyhow?

Listen to the 30-minute program here: The Secret of Guilt-Free Living with Lynn Hare.

Have I mentioned that I did life a zillion more years thinking and speaking from a mindset of lies than with God-truths? On the program, I share what I wished I’d known 30 years ago to avoid chapters and chapters of heartache in my book of life.

What decisions have you actively made to enter the next chapter of your journey successfully?

Imagine the possibilities!

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