The peanut butter jar Part 5

Written by on May 18, 2012

My delightful Jesus friend Wendy Dunn shares this peanut butter story:

“I went last night to a sixtieth birthday party for a special friend. Over a hundred people were there who had been touched by her life. I also talked to another dear friend whose mother had recently died. This morning I woke up thinking of these two who both have a gift that I admire so much: when you’re with them, they make you feel you’re the most important person in their lives, and they love you and think you’re special. ‘I don’t have that gift,’ I thought. ‘Most of my interactions with others are still too much about me.’ I tightened the lid on my peanut butter jar. My thoughts began to turn to an old cry: ‘I try so hard!’

“Then I heard the Father calling me, ‘Come away, My Beloved.’  I came, because His call is magical like that of my two friends. I sit. He gently puts His finger to my lips. ‘Hush. No try harders. No shoulds. No oughts. Just be.’  I quieten. The tears well up. I allow His love to bathe me.

“And then I turn to my daily Bible reading. And He speaks. First in Matthew:  ‘Become what you believe.’ And then in Romans 9. ‘His purpose is not a hit-and-miss thing dependent on what we do or don’t do, but  a sure thing determined by His decision, flowing steadily from His initiative.’  He reminds me that I am who I am by His grace. Everything I am comes from His loving me.

The greatest gift He has given me has been this heart’s desire to know Him, and  He is the One who fans the flame to draw me closer to Himself, to be the unique person He has called me to be. He reassures me that I am changing, not out of trying harder, which is just trying to open the lid by turning it in the wrong direction, but by allowing His sweet spirit to warm my heart, filling me with His love that then has open reign to share the peanut butter with all whose lives I touch.

“So I go into my busy day, renewed in the hope that being me with an open lid is just what I need to be to feed the hungry whose lives I will touch today.”


Thank you, Wendy. Your beautiful words are full of serenity, and release God’s Spirit to warm our hearts, as we surrender to His love today. I feel like Jesus just planted a kiss on my cheek.

Readers, how does keeping your peanut butter jar open allow others to be fed and affirmed?

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