The peanut butter jar Part 3

Written by on May 9, 2012

“If self-love (not arrogant, but confident) were a new jar of peanut butter with a tight lid that absolutely refused to budge open, what would be the jar opener?

My friend Christopher Bates shares this wisdom:

“This brings to mind that old Caribbean proverb:  ‘To the man who is not hungry, the coconut has a hard shell.’  If we want healthy self-love bad enough, we’ll get the dang lid open.

“Of course, the problem is that sometimes we just throw the jar across the yard out of frustration and go find a substitute (jelly, maybe). And if we do that over and over, it can become an addiction, or an idol.

“I think there’s something in John 15 that speaks to this; as we abide in the Father’s love, we see ourselves as He does (always with and in Christ – never apart from Christ), and perhaps we just turn around one day and notice the lid is off the peanut butter jar and the thing is half eaten and there’s a spoon in our hands and peanut butter in our mouths, and we realize, ‘Oh. Hmm. I must’ve opened it without even thinking.'”

That’s kind of how it happened for me. No single life-altering event. Just a series of encounters with a life-altering Savior who fed it  me one spoonful at a time. Then, one morning I woke up with peanut butter breath.

What are evidences in your life of a gradual, morphing self-love?

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