The peanut butter jar Part 2

Written by on May 2, 2012

I asked friends, “If self-love (not arrogant, but confident) were a new jar of peanut butter with a tight lid that absolutely refused to budge open, what would be the jar opener? What helps us access self-love?” Here are more responses:

Sarah Bures: The only way my jar was opened was by wise folk who determinedly loved me into enough wholeness that the lid could be loosened. It was their investment in my life that released the pressure (which was fear) that kept the lid tight.

Darren Petersen: We love because He first loved us. So until we encounter His love – really feel it, not just hear about it from the pulpit or read about it – until we experience that, we won’t be able to love ourselves.

Sylvia Rogers:  It is knowing what God was willing to pay for us. That He has good plans for us. That there is only one of each of us – and He knew us intimately when we were yet forming in the womb. If He knows when a sparrow falls and how many hairs are on our heads, then He cares for each of us very much.

Julie Jackson:  I actually opened your email [with the question] while I was eating peanut butter toast. I’m glad that Jesus sticks with me like peanut butter does to the roof of my mouth.

How about you? How do you access self-love?

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