The Art of Comparison Part 1

Written by on October 3, 2012

Do you compare yourself with others? Hold up a yardstick to see how you measure up against their strengths?

This week, we hear from my friend Bonnie Keller, an experienced and gifted water aerobics instructor (pictured here with her son, Matt).

“I struggled with negative thoughts about myself. When I took aerobics,  I had a good time. I’d hoot and yahoo! One day, one of the owners of the club, who also taught aerobics, asked me if I would consider teaching it.

“Wow, no way! I thought.

“Well, she put the idea in my head. I looked around later and saw a woman I knew going for her certification.  I thought, If she can do it, I can too! When teaching, I struggled for a while. I’d get nervous (understandable) before class. After a while, I didn’t want to teach because I was comparing myself to other instructors.

“My inner thoughts were all negative– You’re not good enough, not creative enough, blah, blah, blah!  Then I changed my thoughts to positive and I said, I’m going to have fun, and so will they! Whoop, Whoop!

“Never compare yourself with anyone else. God made you special just the way you are. And you are His! Know that you’re loved, you’re special and you’re unique!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thank you, Bonnie.  We can follow your lead and jump right into the pool! The people in your classes are so blessed to have such an amazing instructor.

Readers, in what areas do you find yourself comparing your abilities with others?  Would you be willing to share about an experience when you did, and the results? Maybe your story will end up in this blog series, or perhaps in my book. Thank you in advance, my friends!

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