Written by on August 25, 2011

Cause me to understand the way of your precepts,
that I may meditate on your wonderful deeds. (Psalm 119:27)

“How’re you doing with your tens?” my friend JM, a sixty-something Believer, asked as he sat down beside me with a slice of apple pie on his plate.

I grinned. “Getting better every month.”

JM and his wife met up with Tim and me a couple of times a month for fellowship. A few months earlier, over a cup of coffee,  JM had challenged us to spend ten minutes a day reading our Bibles, with the intent of gaining God’s truth in mind and spirit.

“I’m in,” I said. “JM, would you remind me? I need that. I need someone to check up on my tens.”

I’d found myself watching questionable movies. My language and choices had seemed to slip. I was becoming more agitated and negative with others.

But when I set aside just ten minutes a day to spend with God, amazing things began to happen.  His precepts – directives for moral conduct – took hold of me. Impatience with Tim and my three kids fell away as I sensed God’s patience for me. Practicing the presence of God throughout the day seemed to get easier. Wisdom for family priorities came from the Holy Spirit regularly.

I found  renewed hope and strength in my relationship with our Creator, which spilled over into declaration of God’s goodness in everyday activities, like praying with Tim and going for daily walks with my daughter Emily.  And, remarkably, I found a God of justice who promised to take upside-down injustices and set them right again.

With an intentional ten minutes a day for God’s Word, I found myself lingering a bit more and more.  And you know, I think Jesus enjoyed my time with Him just as much as I enjoyed His. He’s probably sitting in my kitchen right now with a cup of Starbucks, waiting for me to join him again.

Just ten minutes. Just ten.

How’re you doing with your tens?

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