Lynn Hare

Speaker • Award-Winning Author • Coach

Make Change with Clarity

Life is full of change. When you endure unexpected or overwhelming transitions, it’s easy to feel lost in it all. But no matter what passage of life you find yourself in, you can team up with your guide, the Holy Spirit, to navigate transition using the best tool God has given you—your Spiritual Quotient. With Holy Spirit wisdom and solid biblical counsel, Lynn Hare shows you the path to clarity and peace in taking the next step in any transition that comes your way.

Lynn Hare understands the pain and frustration that come with big change in life. She and her son were in a car accident that left her feeling discouraged and confused. On the path to recovery, she discovered Holy Spirit wisdom she needed to get back on her feet. Lynn believes He can empower those who struggle with big changes in their lives to gain clarity and a renewed sense of purpose.

Lynn is the author of Cascade Writing Award-winner The Quest for Self-Forgiveness. She has written award-winning nonfiction articles, poetry, and devotions for numerous periodicals.

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Lynn's Topics

Your Ticket to Freedom: Rise!

In the hot air balloon journey of life, do tethers of lies or regrets sometimes bind you to the earth?
With humorous stories and good-natured fun, Lynn shares how to:

Release lies and exchange them for God-truths & freedom.

Take steps to release the past and rise to an uplifting future, with keys she discovered following a car accident when her son suffered a severe head injury.

Discover God’s reckless love and a newfound sense of purpose and identity in Christ.

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How to Mine Defeat for Gold:
Journal Your Journey

Do your quiet times need refreshing?

Join us for creative ways to:

Dialogue with the Holy Spirit.

Track your growth and celebrate aha! moments.

Discover tips to transform your quiet times into fun, artistic expressions of God-encounters.

Explore journaling activities such as cascading water images, dialogues with Jesus, and spiritual parallel photos. Bring journaling tips to share!

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A Cup of Co-Co and a New Dream!

Are you frustrated that your dreams haven’t yet come to pass?

When you revisit painful memories, how does Co-Co (Comforter and Counselor, the Holy Spirit) warm your heart?

Come away with fresh, practical ideas for renewing your mind and improving self-talk.

Dare to dream new Spirit-breathed dreams. Get filled with fresh joy for your relationships, career, and passions!

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