Never heal a broken heart Part 2

Written by on April 18, 2012

Today we hear from my lovely friend and gifted writer, Lynn Saint.

“In January 1980, Richard Wurmbrand came to speak at Calvary Church of the Valley in Paradise Valley, Arizona. My husband and I had just lost our second little boy six months prior. Pastor Wurmbrand’s exhortation was, ‘Never heal a broken heart.’  I wrestled with what he declared for a week. Then, God opened up some precious truths to me. But, it took some breaking of my own notions.

“Richard explained how the energy from the broken heart of Jesus at Calvary has energized us to this day and will continue. He emphasized that all of us have endured broken hearts and losses – for example, through broken relationships and death. That message, spoken over thirty years ago, still echoes in my mind and heart.

“We will continue to walk, watching and listening for His still, small voice whispering the words we need to hear and share.”

Thank you, Lynn! How beautiful.

Readers, here’s my prayer for you today:

God, when my friend is on the mountaintop, I ask You to keep pain in their heart tender, that they may guide others from the valley to the territory of healing truths. And when my friend is in the valley,  illuminate the upward slope of hope for their future. Open their eyes to Your tangible, realized presence wherever they are today.

When did you hear a God whisper just when you needed it? How can you encourage someone who’s hurting today?

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