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Written by on December 30, 2013

These 2013 blog posts were voted most popular, according to number of views, by readers. Click on one or more and visit these stories today:

Dandelion Clock

Dandelions are Weeds? 
As a grade school kid,  my eyes were opened to the natural world.  When I learned my favorite flowers, dandelions, were considered weeds,  I wondered, What will happen to all the wishes I made on their magic seeds?  Read more.

Nick Harrison Summer Conf Aug 2013

Nick Harrison: Power in the Promises

I asked Nick Harrison, “If life is like a book, how do you frame the chapters of yesterday, today, and tomorrow?”

Nick said, “I frame them in the promises of God. I just finished a book called Power in the Promises. I believe that anybody can come through life triumphantly no matter what—as long as they’re armed with the promises of God, they believe the promises of God, and they live the promises of God.  Read more.

Logan & Grammy Lynn 9-28-2013


Are You Birthing a New Dream?

I don’t know about you, but for me, the hardest part of God’s promises is waiting for Him to make good on them. The Lord tells you it’s a season replete with possibilities, yet you’re waking up with no visible results.   Read more.


Featured Blog Posts

Here are my favorites for the year. Check these out:

Rhoda Get the Door (1)

Rhoda, Get the Door (Video)

Take a 3.5 minute humor break and join me, Peter, an angel, and Rhoda the servant girl for a humorous rendition of Acts 12. I feel a song coming on.   Watch video.

Macaws Tropical Birdland by snowmanradio


Polar Bears, Macaws, and Other Gnarly Family Members

If our relationships were airline flights, we’d bring our children on board as we travel. The North Pole of frosty stares in the middle of ice storm grudges. The Sahara of barren spiritual plains that fill our shoes with sand. The heart of the Amazon Rainforest of lush growth. For that matter, the heart of found in the books we buy and devour, one after the other.  Read more.

Man can listen

Three Reasons to Listen to the Enemy

Pay attention to the enemy of your soul. He’s got something you need.  Read more.

Happy New Year!

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    • Lynn Hare   On   January 1, 2014 at 2:57 pm

      Susan, I’m blown away by God’s hand this year. I appreciate your feedback and faithfulness as a friend and prayer warrior. Forward – with favor! Love and hugs.

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