More than yesterday. Less than tomorrow.

Written by on June 29, 2011

A few weeks ago I spotted a T-shirt advertising the Molalla Buckeroo, an annual rodeo in Oregon: “More than yesterday. Less than tomorrow.”

As we grow in Christ, we have the advantage of seeing gains in our knowledge of  Scripture and its applications to relationships. I’m not the same wife I was five years ago. I’ve learned (often through painful mistakes) the importance of taking time to listen to Tim, apologizing when I’ve blown it, and drawing alongside to fortify his strengths even as he speaks to mine.  

When we attempt to sort things out together, sometimes I feel like I’m on a wild ride on a bucking bronco.  I don’t like getting dumped on my backside in the middle of the stadium.  Seems I’ve done that more than anyone recently.  But when I get up and dust my britches & boots off, I  look up to the stands and the Lord is still cheering.  Why?  I’m taking the risk to  go at it again, spill after spill. 

After 30 years of marriage, we are still learning many things together. We write together. We design websites together. We pray together. And next month we’re going for a week away to dream together. 

My marriage is more than yesterday.  Less than tomorrow.

In what area are you making tangible gains today?

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