Make Smart Decisions With Holy Spirit As Your Guide!

Grow Your Destiny With Holy Spirit Empowerment, Purpose and Possibilities

You can live your dream – without regret!

Big change can be tough.

When you endure unexpected or overwhelming transitions, it’s easy to feel lost in it all.  

Maybe stuck, confused, or angry. Or frustrated. Or discouraged. 

I love to equip people like you with practical tools for defining the path to success, hearing God’s voice clearly, and a deepening relationship with the Holy Spirit.  

You see, I’m a “possibilitarian,” a person who activates possibilities with hope-filled expectation. And you too can become a possibilitarian, but it helps to have the right guide, the right mentor.  

No matter what passage of life you find yourself in, learning how to team up with the Holy Spirit to navigate transition speeds up the process and makes the journey more enjoyable. 

With Holy Spirit wisdom and solid biblical counsel, I can show you the path to clarity and peace in taking the next step in any transition that comes your way.

Hear God’s Voice, Take Your Next Step with Purpose and Clarity, and Get Energized with Creativity and Innovation!  

Join us for a course called . . .

What if I could show you how to . . .

  • Reverse self-destructive patterns and learn new ways of thinking.
  • Move out of “stuck” and onto a clear, confident path for your transition as you hear God’s voice.
  • Score a sure win in nasty conflicts.
  • Gain practical ideas for improving self-talk.
  • Activate your destiny as you interact with angels.
  • Increase business with strategic, Spirit-led networking.
  • Leverage your competitive advantage in business.
  • Dialogue in fresh ways with the Holy Spirit.
  • See possibilities in every situation. 

The Holy Spirit and I team up as guides on a remarkable journey. And we’re inviting YOU along! 

The path of life isn’t always easy.

I know. I’ve been there.

I’ve lost jobs. I’ve changed careers. I’ve had cash, cars, and a reputation stolen.

It wasn’t fun.

But I came to know the person of the Holy Spirit.

He showed me how to get empowered with fresh starts.

I made loads of mistakes along the way.

But I kept going – with Him as my guide.

And now I’m going to share with you in 8 lessons what took me 28 years to learn.

 Becoming a possibilitarian has powerful benefits!

Get equipped to . . .

 . . open your spirit to hear God’s voice clearly so you can make confident decisions under pressure. 
. . . interact with angels who can bring miracles and other gifts for your breakthrough.
. . . walk the map that your guide, the Holy Spirit, has created for you.
. . . see circumstances with fresh confidence found in knowing your true identity.
. . . simplify creative ways to express yourself.
. . . activate your sanctified imagination.
. . . open doors to living your dream now.

8 Weekly Video Lessons and
8 Weekly Q & A Sessions
With Lynn Hare!

The purpose of the life-changing class “The Empowered Possibilitarian” is to help you answer tough questions in a time of transition with a step-by-step process that brings clarity and peace.

What are your struggle points?
God can show you how He’s using them for good – no matter whether they make sense.

What tempts you to regret the past? With a community of heavenly-minded, down-to-earth people who “spark” off one another, you can release the past and live out of the possibilities Christ has waiting for you in your future!

Regardless of how far along you are in your journey with the Holy Spirit—from beginner to seasoned leader—if you’d like to be empowered to connect with the Holy Spirit, this course is for you. You can get equipped for your personal kingdom assignment and engage with like-minded people. Together we can let go of disappointments and trade them for Christ-joy!

It’s time to start pursuing your God-given dream!

We experience God in supernatural ways!

We were all created with an IQ (intelligence quotient), EQ (emotional quotient), and SQ (spiritual quotient) – the ability to sense and apply the Holy Spirit’s heart, thoughts, and wisdom. They weren’t designed to work apart from each other. They work together!

Course Overview

“The Empowered Possibilitarian” course is divided into three sections. Each lesson has practical steps to take, fresh ideas, fun narratives, activating prayers, and Scriptures that will equip you for your power-filled journey ahead.

God’s Power: Your Source of Strength

Lesson 1: Integrate Your Mind, Emotions, and Spirit
In this lesson, learn about how the IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient), and SQ (Spiritual Quotient) work together. The main focus of this course is our “Spiritual Quotient”—the ability to discern and apply the Holy Spirit’s heart, thoughts, and wisdom.

Lesson 2: Spirit-Led Networking: Accelerate!
You can accelerate your impact with Spirit-led networking. Make important quantum leaps—significant jumps ahead—fast. Learn where to find connections, who to engage with, and how to develop “relational capital.” Gain two fun tools called the “Magnet of God’s Work” and the “Holy Spirit Swish.”

Lesson 3: Five Ways to Hear from God
This lesson focuses on identifying five modes God uses to communicate with us: Seeing, Hearing, Sensing, Knowing, and Dreaming. Identify which modalities are the strongest for you and how they help you get Spirit-led solutions in times of change

Mission: Your God-Given Assignment

Lesson 4: How to Win Conflicts with Your Unique Identity
After finding characteristics of your passion-driven identity, how do you fight from that space? In a conflict, what’s the enemy’s objective? What’s a loss? What’s a win? Learn the number one most important thing to defend in a conflict.

Lesson 5:  The Quest for Self-Forgiveness
Learn how to live free of mistakes and decisions that have hurt you or others. Get tips for how to get rid of guilt, regret and condemnation; heal painful memories; improve self-talk; and gain a clear sense of God’s prevailing purpose. Learn how to let your past go, so the Holy Spirit can release you into your empowered destiny. 

Lesson 6: The Role of Angels in Your Destiny
As important members of your team, angels bring powers and perspectives “on earth as it is in heaven.” Learn about types of angels sent to help you live out your God-given destiny, including creativity and miracle angels. Gain seven practical tips to activate success with angels!

The Future: New Dreams Activated

Lesson 7: The Spirit-Empowered Possibilitarian!
A “possibilitarian” is someone who activates possibilities with hope-filled expectation. This lesson will open your eyes to see the world with a Matthew 19:26 perspective: With God all things are possible! Find out how to change events and outcomes by observing, expecting, speaking, and acting. Learn the science of event-changing thoughts and words with the Holy Spirit’s power.

Lesson 8: Awaken Your Destiny With a Sanctified Imagination!
Learn four steps to upgrade your creative expression, tips from the world of inventors with world-changing ideas, seven ways to “wake up” your sanctified imagination, and how “sparks” from the Holy Spirit can fuel aha! moments and interactive synergy resulting in practical solutions.

Here’s What You’ll Get

8 Weekly Video Lessons and
8 Weekly Q & A Sessions
With Lynn Hare!

Each of the 8 video lessons is about 30 minutes long and includes solid, Biblically-based, content-rich teaching, prayers, illustrations, and steps to take to activate core truths.

Each lesson has:

– An in-depth video teaching
​- A detailed study guide
– A LIVE weekly Q & A Session via Zoom with Lynn Hare
​- As a member, you will have LIFETIME ACCESS to The Empowered Possibilitarian.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

Lesson 1: Integrate Your Mind, Emotions, and Spirit
Lesson 2: Spirit-Led Networking: Accelerate!
Lesson 3: Five Ways to Hear from God
Lesson 4: How to Win Conflicts with Your Unique Identity
Lesson 5: The Quest for Self-Forgiveness
Lesson 6: The Role of Angels in Your Destiny
Lesson 7: The Spirit-Empowered Possibilitarian!
Lesson 8: Awaken Your Destiny With a Sanctified Imagination!

8 Weekly Video Lessons and
8 Weekly Q & A Sessions
With Lynn Hare!

ALL For Only $97!

Additional Benefits: 

LIFETIME ACCESS TO Private Member Site with:

  • Video Replays
  • Study Guides
  • Recordings of Live Q & A Sessions

What People Are Saying

“The past six months has been the most difficult season I’ve walked through. Going through this course was as sweet as a double-stuffed Oreo! It opened up the door for us to be who we were created to be. Sometimes with tears, and sometimes with joy, the class reminded me that we can come to the Father with a childlike heart.”

– Therese Giapponi
Coach and Legacy Dream Team Trainer

“This class was inspiring. We were expanded in the spirit. We could be real and be encouraged at the same time. Lynn Hare shared about obstacles she overcame in her own journey, and unlocked the future of possibilities in me! She is such an encourager! This class was so much fun! We met new people from around the world. It was a blessing!”

– Cheryl Thomas
Host and Producer, God Encounters TV Show
Songwriter & Worship Leader

“The Possibilitarian family helped me grow. When at a stage when I was a little bit lost, I was embraced and learned how to press back into God in a deeper way. I’ve never been part of a Christian group that made me laugh as much! I talked frankly and found healing that will be with me throughout the course of my life. I now have tools to excel.”

– Paulette Kumar
Holistic Coach

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Lynn Hare is a four-time Cascade Writing Award winner and author of the award-winning book The Quest for Self-Forgiveness. Lynn is an enthusiastic speaker, Christian life coach, and certified teacher. She is a contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Spirit of America and has appeared on many KKPZ, God Encounter TV shows, and other broadcasts.

Her mission is to mobilize a million “possibilitarians”—people activating possibilities with hope-filled expectation—around the world.  

Lynn’s passion is activating awareness of our identities in Christ and the freedom found in forgiveness. She has prayed one-on-one with thousands of people, activating restoration of relationships, reigniting dreams, and introducing new Kingdom assignments. 

Warm blessings!

Imagine the possibilities!


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