Jumpin’ Jimmy of Calaveras County Part 2

Written by on April 2, 2012

At a frog-jumping contest in the summer of ’85, good ole’ Jumpin’ Jimmy lost the fifty-inch dash. But as the afternoon wore on, I shook our loss off, and got back into the spirit of the game. I picked Jumpin’ Jimmy up and gave him a Wheaties atta boy pep talk. Soon, bursting with excitement, Jimmy was all revved up and ready to go for the next event – the broad jump.

Together we eyed the series of concentric circles drawn in chalk on the concrete, much like rings on a dartboard. Our eyes met, and we both swallowed hard. When the ref gave me the high sign, I set Jumpin’ Jimmy down plumb in the middle of the rings. I stepped back and cheered, “Jim-MEE! Jim-MEE! Jim-MEE!”

Jimmy leaned back and took a deep breath. Sproing! He shot through the air and landed clear past the rings onto the far side of the pavement. I raced over, picked him up, and patted him vigorously on the back. “Good job, Jimmy!” I smiled. Jimmy’s eyes met mine. He cheerfully croaked back. “Knew-it! Knew-it!” he seemed to say.

Just when we’re convinced all is lost, the Holy Spirit thrusts us into the winner’s circle in one enormous leap.

Is that true?

Ask Jumpin’ Jimmy, the slowest Gold Medal Champion of the Broad Jump in the 1985 Jumping Frog Jubilee of Calaveras County.

Have you ever had a “lucky” day in which everything seemed to go your way? How did you celebrate? How can we maintain a sense of victory long after the win?

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