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Written by on May 27, 2020

Watch 5-minute Awakening Conference invitation video here.

I’m super excited about The Awakening conference that’s coming up May 28-30. This is an amazing opportunity for the Body of Christ to wake up to the call of the Lord. 

This week was selected for the conference because it’s Pentecost, and this is a wonderful time of receiving flames of fire on our heads in the Upper Room.

The body of Christ has never been more challenged than we are today. In this time where there are flames of fire literally on our heads, we step forward in the power and authority that the Word of God gives us.

I’ll be speaking on Saturday May 30 in two sessions called “The Quest for Self-Forgiveness” and “Leaving a Legacy.”

Register for The Awakening Conference now. 

In many ways, the Body of Christ has been sleeping in the global crisis that we’re experiencing right now. And there’s a burning in my spirit. 

This is a time where we’re given to be able to find what the Lord has for us in store. In the upper room, the apostles waited for Jesus to show up. And when he did, he brought with him the passion and love of all heaven. 

We’re praying right now for the body of Christ to be awakened. Scripture says that the eyes of the Lord sweep to and fro across the earth strengthening those whose hearts are fully committed to him. We’re committed to Him, alright. And we’re committed to waking up to what He needs us to do in this unique season.

You have an opportunity to step into alignment with your future, with possibilities that He has for you. And that means that we need to let go of the past, to literally shake off things that have happened to us now so that we can step forward in the possibilities that He has for us. 

This conference is going to have some special messages for all of us. And as we step forward into a connectedness with the Holy Spirit, we’ll know about his empowerment because our sense of authority will be increased. 

The theme for this conference is finding your voice and inspiring others to find theirs. This is the year 5780 in the Hebrew calendar. This is not only the “year” of the voice where we’re speaking up with our passions and our lives connected with His, but it’s the “decade” of the voice. And that means for the next 10 years, we’re set up to walk forward announcing the divine purposes and messages that he’s put into our hearts.

As you connect in this conference, you’re going to find yourself making a shift and upgrade to the next level that the Holy Spirit has for you because you’re going to step into the literal throne room of God. In this unique time of conflicts between governments, you’re going to receive a special blessing. It’s going to be a governmental blessing, and that governmental blessing is one that’s being done with authority from the throne of God. And that’s being introduced to governments here on earth as it is in heaven.

Register for The Awakening Conference now.

You’re going to find out amazing ways to make a difference in your sphere of influence in this time of global crisis. As you’re connecting with God, you’re going to find some new fresh steps for your journey. And in those fresh steps, you’re going to find some new friends. You’re going to be able to connect with some people that you haven’t before. 

This is a wonderful time where we come together around a campfire. And instead of keeping a social distance of six feet apart, we’re there together shoulder to shoulder, roasting marshmallows over the fire. 

A campfire is a beautiful place where you set down that backpack with all of the hiking burdens, all the heavy things that have been on your back for this long hike up the mountain, and you’re there just being warmed by the presence of the fire, the Pentecost fire, and the warmth of each other’s engagement, connecting with other people and the closeness across the miles that the amazing miracle of an online conference can hold.

In this place, we’re going to be able to connect and to come together and to build what the Body of Christ has next for us through the person of Jesus Christ. Together, we’re going to awaken to expressing our voices, hearing others, and then coming together in a confluence with the Lord has in this time of his divine favor. 

I invite you forward to be a part of this. This is something that you’ll never forget, and it’s going to be a game changer for you.

Register for The Awakening Conference now. 


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