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If you’ve had a tough couple of years, this is for you. It will help you move forward and upward.

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I invite you to join our Spirit-led community with energy and momentum that can help carry you this year. Financial. Relational. Health-minded. Kingdom-focused.

Want to learn how to do the prophetic? I can show you how. Get ready to make smart decisions as you see, hear, sense, know, and dream fresh revelation from heaven. Get rid of regret!

Fight the enemy with other warriors pushing back the enemy’s fear, discouragement, and accusation. Let’s do it!

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Kingdom Keys – Unlock Your Destiny!

Click below to join for $37/month.
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Click below to join for $370/year.
The first month is just $1.

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In our online community, get connected with seeing, hearing, sensing, knowing and dreaming key Holy Spirit solutions. Unlock your destiny.

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Here’s What You Get:

  • Lynn Hare’s monthly prophetic word
  • Lynn’s live private mentoring group session each month on Zoom
    We meet on the fourth Monday of each month at 4 pm Pacific Time (Los Angeles Time). Unable to join us live? Members get access to private mentoring group session replays.
  • Membership to the Kingdom Keys private Facebook group
  • Access to tools for spiritual development, discernment, encouragement, and much more. 
  • Lynn prays for members every day.

In crazy times like these, the joy of the Lord is our strength!

Take joy in knowing that when you join, you are helping provide spiritual growth tools and content to people who may not be able to access it otherwise.  My global trainings, webinars, books, speaking engagements, and coaching reach people around the world with the positive message of our identity in Christ, hearing God’s voice, the power of forgiveness, strategies for activating and engaging with angels, and solutions for practical financial gains in the business world.

Kingdom Keys – Unlock Your Destiny!

Click below to join for $37/month.
The first month is just $1.

Click below to join for $370/year.
The first month is just $1.

Questions? Contact Lynn here.

Hi! I’m Lynn Hare—coach, trainer, and certified teacher. My passion is to equip people with discernment and a renewed awareness of  purpose, mission, and vision.

My mission is to activate a million “possibilitarians” around the world – people activating possibilities with hope-filled expectation.

I help people get to know the Holy Spirit’s transforming voice and presence, so they can have peace, clarity and confidence. 

I’m author of the award-winning book (and companion workbook), The Quest For Self-Forgiveness.  As a certified teacher of 30+ years, I know how to help people use strengths to find good approaches needed in a constantly-changing world. As a multiple award-winning author, I help people express their messages to multiply their impact and reach.

I serve on the Board of Serving Our Neighbors (James Autry, Executive Director, is my spiritual covering) and am a member of the Marketplace Catalyst, which engages marketplace leaders to influence culture in their communities. I live with my husband Tim of 41 years in Portland, OR.

What People Are Saying

If you’re one of many millions of Christians becoming more aware of the presence and influence of angelic beings, you’re sure to be edified and informed by enrolling and participating in Lynn’s seminars. Lynn, with her unique style, combines the most important basics with many things you have probably never heard of before.  These teachings and interactive sessions will enable you to live a richer and more successful Christian life.”
–  Ben R Peters, B A, M.Div.  International Speaker, Author and Founder of Kingdom Sending Center, California

I hired Lynn for Spiritual and Business Coaching. While working with her, I had shifts in thinking and began to develop new habits for success. Lynn is tuned into the Holy Spirit. Our sessions were a mix of practical business-building protocols and heavenly encounters. Lynn is a woman of joy, playfulness and self-acceptance. She is a great example and mentor.
Pam Neubauer, Life Coach, Oklahoma

“Lynn’s like a double-stuffed Oreo! There’s sweetness all around her. My aha moment is when she shared the amazing testimony of her husband, the extreme differences between the two of them, and the effects it had on their relationship. I absolutely love Lynn’s precise words over her spouse from the Lord. I have been really pressing in on that one key point in my own marriage.”
– Therese Giapponi, Connecticut

“It was by divine direction that I jumped right into Lynn’s class.  I knew that the Holy Spirit was leading me on a path of more intimacy with Him in a very personal way.  It is so important to be with others who are searching and seeking for their specific assignments at this avenue in history.  Together there is enhanced revelation and communion!

God is calling His church and His people to come to Him at this hour to examine our hearts and be willing to sacrifice all that we have for the Kingdom.”
– Stephanie Janke, Pennsylvania

Lynn embraced me and helped me to grow. When I was at a stage when I was a little bit lost, I learned how to press back into God in a deeper way. The things Lynn touched on were brilliant. And the laughter! Lynn Hare is perhaps one of the funniest Christian women on Earth. It has just been amazing!
– Paulette Kumar
Holistic Health Coach, UK

“I used to think that apart from music I  was not a creative person, but I have found that I am! I have an imagination I can explore with Him. I laughed as Lynn encouraged me to “go out on a limb” – to get out of my comfort zone – and to “follow the man with the water jug on his head!” I am stepping towards my quantum leap in the Holy Spirit and through Lynn, God has put me in touch with Spirit-filled people!”
– Lyn Barrett, New Zealand

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