Invitation: Team Possible!

Team Possible
Dream Possible
Private Invitation Just For You

Hello Friend, 

Now that our Become a Possibilitarian! Class has wrapped up . . . join us for weekly Team Possible meetings!

Three massively amazing Christ-things you get with Team Possible:

  • A deep dive into content from Become a Possibilitarian! Class.
    “Taking the class was like drinking from a fire hydrant! There was no way I could absorb all that rich content in six weeks,” many class members said. So we’ll slow things down and go deeper into each lesson. We’ll have breakout room discussions. We’ll process things and savor victories one at a time.

  • Practical Tools. Want to know more about exchanging truths for lies? Meet the Instead-Upgrade Wheel. Looking for fresh ideas for journaling? Get a list of creative ideas for entries with words and illustrations. Want to learn how to combine images and Scripture? I’ll show you how. And much, much more.

  • A community to grow, laugh, weep, and pray with. To bless and be blessed by. A fun quantum leap community is going forward, birthed out of friendships made in our Possibilitarian class. What you’ve seen so far is the diving board into a fresh, empowered prophetic community of possibilitarians.And we’ll revisit and fine-tune how to . . .

​- Move out of “stuck” and onto a clear, confident path as you hear God’s voice

– Reverse self-destructive patterns and learn new ways of thinking

– Score a sure win when dealing with injustice

​- Gain practical ideas for improving self-talk

– Identify and eliminate the four biggest roadblocks to hearing God’s voice

-​Activate your destiny as you interact with angels

​- Increase business with creativity and innovation

​- Dialogue in fresh ways with the Holy Spirit

​- See possibilities in every situation

Imagine what it will feel like to be able to make your dreams a reality and actually DO the more that God has always intended for you!


How would it feel to know CONFIDENTLY what you need to do next and have somewhere to go when you’re stuck or need support and encouragement?

Join Team Possible today!

This is what will happen:

I’ll share specific strategies and answer your questions.

You’ll have the opportunity to tap into and benefit from the wisdom and expertise of the whole group so that together, we come up with solutions that are just right for you.

My aim is that your monthly investment yields returns every month.

You can do this! You can take that quantum leap!
Trust me. I’m a Hare.

You got this.
WE got this!


WHEN:  Beginning May 7, Thursdays at 12:00 pm Eastern (5 pm in UK). We will meet for 60-90 minutes on Zoom.


– Recordings will be available within 24 hours.

– Once I have your payment, I’ll reserve a place for you in Team Possible.



Here’s the boost to help you succeed at what you’ve been trying to do on your own.

Ready to be envisioned, inspired, and equipped, and get the help and encouragement you need to activate next steps as a possibilitarian?

Jump in now!

Team Possible Monthly Membership

Sign me up now!


I believe you’re making the best investment of your life!

With God all things are possible.  -Matthew 19:26


Imagine the possibilities!

Warm blessings,

Lynn | Facebook

With God all things are possible. – Matthew 19:26

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