How To Mobilize City Angels

FREE Online Workshop
Host Lynn Hare
Featured Speakers: James Autry & Barbara Huschka
Thursday December 2, 2021 @ 9 am Pacific Time

Everyone who registers for the workshop will receive access to the replay.

Has your city been under siege in the last two years?

What has the enemy set out to destroy?
He might have worked to slow the pulse of your city by attacking employment, housing, business growth, churches, or government leadership.

. . . But Jesus is about to release new levels of authority and power on the scene.

And He’s rising above city crises and chaos.

He’s birthing a new era . . . with warriors of fire from heaven!

Here’s how you can overcome the enemy with authority given to you by the Commander In Chief Of The Armies Of Heaven.

Angels in the dispatch center of heaven are standing by!

We’re going show you how they can overcome darkness and bring you breakthrough.
Turbulent strife can be crushed beneath the assignments of powerful angelic hosts.

My good friends James Autry and Barb Huschka have been praying for Portland, Oregon for years.

James Autry, Executive Director of Serving Our Neighbors, is one of the most powerful and authoritative leaders of prayer in Portland, OR and the U.S. Pacific Northwest. I’ve been praying with and for James for eleven years.

He knows how to strategize the “connectors” of the primary spheres of influence to partner with the Holy Spirit to bring practical solutions, such as periods of time when crime is shut down and homeless get healed and equipped for re-entry in the job market and affordable housing – as they receive training at Bybee Lakes Hope Center.

James has led a team called S.W.A.T. (“See What Agreement Transforms”) at Pioneer Courthouse Square, in central Portland, every Saturday morning for six years. Over the years, God has opened many doors of transformation in Portland.

In the workshop, James is going to share prayerwalking tips and tools that the Holy Spirit has given him to mobilize a prayer force in Portland for the last twenty years.

My friend Barb Huschka has prayer walked the streets and bridges of Portland for forty years. A prophetic artist and seer, she shares deeply impactful images of city activity, including angelic encounters.

James Autry is the Executive Director & Community Collaborator (2008 to present) for Serving Our Neighbors & was one of its Founders, when SON began in 1999 as a Strategic Planning Committee of Portland’s leading Faith and Business Leaders throughout the greater Portland / Vancouver metro area. In 2008, SON helped to launch the Christian Chamber of Commerce of the Northwest (James served as the Executive Director, Membership Director & Office Manager from 2010-2016).  Prior to these assignments, James served as the Station Manager, Sales Manager, Programming Director & Promotions Director (from 1998-2010) for Crawford Broadcasting’s Portland Radio Station, KPBC 16040 AM, KKSL 1290 AM & KKPZ 1330 AM.  James volunteers throughout the year for the Mayor of Portland, as Chair (2016 to present) of the Portland Sister Cities Coalition, President (2015 to present) of the Portland Ashkelon Sister City Association, on the Advisory Board (2016 to present) of BESThq, and in past as Oregon State Coordinator (2000-2014) for the National Day of Prayer and was on the Board (2015-2018) of Good Samaritan Ministries.  In 2020, James ran for Portland City Commissioner, Position #1.

Barbara Huschka has prayer walked Portland, OR for forty years. She’s had a prophetic call on her life for over thirty years. She says, “I know my call. I am in the Bride. I am called to be the bride.” She’s passionate about teaching others to walk in The Secret Place – us in God and God in us. Barbara’s prophetic artistic call is in action during conference meetings as she paints vivid prophetic words from the Father. Barbara has taught and ministered in Scotland, the UK, Brazil, and Israel. She does street outreach and prayer and serves with 24/7 Prayer Mission and Justice.

Everyone who registers will receive a FREE BONUS . . .

James Autry’s Prayerwalking Tips and Tools pdf!

How To Mobilize City Angels
FREE Online Workshop
Host Lynn Hare
Featured Speakers: James Autry & Barbara Huschka
Zoom Call Thursday December 2, 2021 @ 9 am Pacific Time

Everyone who registers for the workshop will receive access to the replay.

What You’ll Get From This Workshop:

  • Fresh awareness of kinds of God-activated angels who can help empower your city, so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by trying to overcome spiritual warfare on your own
  • Insights and tips for prayerwalking your city, so that you can see and speak out hope for those who are feeling hopeless
  • Training on operating within your God-given “jurisdiction” of impact and influence so that you can know what specific geographic area God has designated you to pray for
  • Tips for summoning angels to bring revelation from heaven so that you can see beyond circumstances in the natural and make wise decisions
  • “Insider tips” on seeing, hearing, sensing, knowing, and dreaming what the Holy Spirit is up to, so that you can get breakthrough
  • Scriptures about angels that will energize and uplift you so that you are encouraged in truth in times of conflicting information
  • Fresh ways to go higher with unity so that your city can live and thrive with its God-given assignment

Learn how to fall into step with God’s timing as his angels reveal his will.

Get revelations about the Lord’s timing—good, pleasing and perfect.

“He put each of the peoples within boundaries under the care of divine guardians.” (Deuteronomy 32:8)

Join us Thursday, December 2, 2021 @ 9:00 am Pacific Time
All registrants will receive access to the replay of the FREE workshop.

He has prepared a city for His people.” (Hebrews 11:16)

In this FREE workshop, you will receive:

  • 90 minutes of training with James Autry, Barbara Huschka, and Lynn Hare
  • Access to the replay
  • James Autry’s Prayerwalking Tips and Tools pdf

For Abraham was looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God. (Hebrews 11:10)

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Lynn Hare

Lynn Hare is a passionate coach, trainer, and award-winning author. She equips people worldwide to live their destinies as they get to know the Holy Spirit’s empowerment, purpose, and possibilities. She helps people expand their influence with a renewed awareness of their purpose, mission, and vision. With “interactive synergy,” Lynn leads engaging discussions while equipping leaders seeking growth strategies to shape their communities with innovative solutions.
Lynn and her husband Tim live in Portland, Oregon.

What People Are Saying About Lynn’s Angel Workshops

“It’s about being intentional—setting that space aside, actively looking, watching, and listening. It’s inspired me to actually pursue and go after angels.”

 “For me, there was a big wake-up call when we talked about angels being unemployed. That should never be!
– Lynne Lee

“When Lynn said, ‘Take up your positions,’ I saw this generational position that I need to occupy. That really touched my heart! This is about being more courageous and speaking up! I feel stirred up in many ways! It reminded me to be much more intentional when I pray, asking the Lord to deploy His angels using Scripture—and that they act on it! It was very good to hear, “You’re not late. You’re right on time.

Charlotte Hanst

“My takeaway: we need to be aware of angels, because we need to encourage people that they’re not alone.”
–  Ben Peters
   The Sending Center

 “This is really inspiring. It stirs up all kinds of possibilities. It’s really wonderful to open up that whole realm of angelic assistance.  “My takeaway: Be very intentional about setting apart time to ask the Lord, “What do you want to teach me? How do I loose and commission angels in the way that you want?”

– Sue Parker
   Fort Knox, KY

“What stood out to me is the kid things. I’m just a huge kid at heart. I enjoyed the encouragement to “dream big dreams,” because I always thought I had to squish them down to fit into a tiny can and put them on a shelf. Now I’m realizing there are helpers to get me where I need to go.

I’m really excited about this!  “One of my big takeaways: I need to go back over my journals, and find out what verses are part of my ‘destiny verses’ about angels.”  

– Carolyn Herberger
   Oregon City, OR

“I was really blessed by the fact that when you release Scripture, it activates the angels. I love worship, sensing the Holy Spirit, and now sensing ministering angels rejoicing as well!  I want to release everything that God has and to tell other people.”
– Diana Davies

Lynn Hare is a global trainer and four-time Cascade Writing Award-winning author. Among other publications, she is author of The Quest for Self-Forgiveness. Lynn is an enthusiastic speaker, Christian life coach, and certified teacher. She is a contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Spirit of America and has appeared on many KKPZ radio shows, God Encounter TV shows, and other broadcasts.

Her mission is to mobilize a million “possibilitarians”—people activating possibilities with hope-filled expectation—around the world.

Lynn’s passion is activating awareness of our identities in Christ and the freedom found in forgiveness. She has prayed one-on-one with thousands of people, activating restoration of relationships, reigniting dreams, and introducing new Kingdom assignments.

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