How To Forgive Yourself And Start Enjoying Life Again!

In these crazy times, do you struggle with guilt?

If you guilt weighs on you, you can find lasting peace and inner joy, no matter what you’re going through.

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In these crazy times have you been dealing with guilt? You know, in tough times it’s super easy for thoughts to enter our heads with thoughts like anxiety, or fear, or anger, or blame and shame, or confusion or frustration about mistakes we’ve made in the past, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

You know, there’s a place where we can accept ourselves and speak to ourselves with kindness. And that happens when we exchange the lies from the enemy with truths from the Lord.

Romans 8:1 says, “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” My friend, that’s for you. There’s no condemnation for you, no matter how bad you messed up.

I believe that we have a relationship available to us with the Holy Spirit. My nickname for him is Comforter and Counselor, or Co-Co. You know, Co-Co can and will heal pain and hurts from the past as we lean forward into a bright future found with the love of our heavenly Father.

Right now, I’d like to invite you to join me for an interactive group coaching program coming up. It’s called “How To Forgive Yourself And Start Enjoying Life Again.” We’re going to have so much fun!

We’re gonna laugh at life and failures! I’d love to see you there. Come and connect with us.

Improve Your Self-Talk

 We’re not talking about empty affirmations. We’re talking about replacing negative thoughts with powerful words that will strengthen you.

Strengthen Your Relationships

Whether it’s friendships or marriage, find out how self-directed resentment tries to derail connections between you and others. Learn practical ways to get back on track.

Move Forward

Is it easy to forgive yourself? It can be! Discover how this coaching program will teach you how to walk free from the past.

What you’ll get with Lynn Hare’s 6-week coaching program:

– Live weekly sessions: Get breakthrough with group coaching with Lynn.
– Zoom calls with live discussion
– Access to all recordings
– Connections to a global community
– Quick, easy tools and pdfs you can use in just minutes

What To Expect From
This Coaching Program:

  • Research shows that forgiving yourself can lead to a happier life.
  • Relieve Yourself Of Guilt – Releasing the regret associated with past mistakes can decrease anxiety levels, lead to improved relationships, and make it easier to love yourself.
  • Change Old Patterns Of Thinking. Learning how to think differently can reduce self-criticism and allow you to feel at peace when you mess up.
  • Brighter Outlook:  Overcoming feelings of guilt can lead to a more positive mindset resulting in confident decision-making.
  • Improved relationships – Ending self-criticism makes it easier to love yourself and others.
  • Peaceful – Learning how to change thinking patterns reduces self-criticism and helps us forgive ourselves when we make mistakes.
The Quest For Self-Forgiveness

In this group coaching program, Lynn Hare will lead participants through highlights of her Cascade Award-Winning book, The Quest For Self-Forgiveness. Get the paperback version on Amazon here. The Kindle version is available here. Also, the companion workbook will be used throughout the program.

Years ago, Lynn was in a car accident with her infant son, Ben, who suffered a severe head injury. For more than two decades, she wrestled with guilt and condemnation. With personal stories, humorous illustrations, and practical tips, Lynn shows how to go from discouragement to inner joy and peace.

It’s time to get strengthened and equipped
to embrace yourself with heartfelt grace! 

Receive Access To Lynn Hare’s Coaching Program
“How to Forgive Yourself and Start Enjoying Life Again!

6-week coaching program for just $97!
All registrants will receive access to the recordings.

Via Zoom Calls Tuesdays July 19 through August 23, 2022 at 10 am Pacific Time

Space is limited. Reserve your seat today!

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“How to Forgive Yourself and Start Enjoying Life Again” now!

Forgive Yourself – Discover a new perspective on why self-forgiveness is not selfish,  but rather an act of self-compassionjust what you need to build your life back up.

Connect DeeplyLearn how to heal old pain, so you can trust again. Use a power-packed process that will teach you how to rewire broken relationships.

Heal Your Relationship Patterns – Catch yourself at a moment when it’s too late, or when you’re already in a difficult situation? Gain new insight on how to change your relationship patterns.

  • Quit beating yourself up.
  • Get on God’s path for you.
  • “Zoom out” so you can see purpose in crazy, illogical times.
  • Get warmed by a cup of “Co-Co,” my nickname for “Comforter and Counselor,” Holy Spirit.

Many are the plans in a man’s heart,
but it’s the Lord’s purpose that prevails. – Proverbs 19:21
What if the Lord has allowed circumstances
to reveal His purpose for you in this season?

My mission is to activate a million “possibilitarians” around the world – people activating possibilities with hope-filled expectation.

As you get to know the Holy Spirit, you can connect with your destiny as you sense His presence and get a deep sense of peace. You’ll begin to see possibilities – paths opening up for you.

Maybe old dreams didn’t work out.
Maybe, like millions of other people, you’ve had a time of loss and hardship.
But that’s okay. Jesus gets it. Jesus “gets” you.
And you can find His dream – with the right strategies.

You don’t have to figure things out on your own. With help, you can find your unique identity, get into the rhythm of your Spirit-led calling, and find keys to opening God-doors that no one can shut.
I’ll show you how.

Hi! I’m Lynn Hare, passionate coach, trainer, certified teacher, and author of the award-winning book The Quest For Self-Forgiveness.  I help people see, hear, sense, know and dream what the Holy Spirit is up to, so they can take practical steps for breakthrough.  I equip people worldwide to live out their purpose, mission, and vision.

With loving humor, I help you discern truth from God’s perspective, determine your core values, deal with conflict in healthy ways, find new mindsets, and find joy in little “sparks” and big God-moments every day.
I serve on the Board of Serving Our Neighbors (James Autry, Executive Director), which engages marketplace leaders to influence culture and society for their communities. I live with my husband Tim, of 41 years, in Portland, OR.

What People Are Saying
About Lynn Hare’s Self-Forgiveness Training

“Forgiving others for their trespasses can be hard. Forgiving ourselves when our actions have hurt others is even harder. Lynn Hare knows firsthand what it’s like when the tape of that long-past incident continues to replay in your memory over and over again. With each replay, the pain echoes through your mind. “If only I hadn’t . . .” becomes your life’s motto. Thankfully, Lynn has learned the lessons of self-forgiveness and passes along her insight to all who wrestle with the guilt from past actions or words.”

Nick Harrison

Author of Power in the Promises and Magnificent Prayer

“The depth of Lynn’s soul, the love in her heart, and the wisdom of her mind point to Jesus over and over again.

With biblical truths, the Holy Spirit flows from her heart, and through her own walk-through of tough issues, Lynn brings a spring of fresh water to refresh and enlighten any person with a challenge in front of them.

I am blessed to say I have been challenged and changed by this extraordinary woman.”

Bonnie Knopf
Contemporary Christian Songwriter and Artist

Lynn embraced me and helped me to grow. When I was at a stage when I was a little bit lost, I learned how to press back into God in a deeper way. The things Lynn touched on were brilliant. And the laughter! Lynn Hare is perhaps one of the funniest Christian women on Earth. It has just been amazing!
– Paulette Kumar
Holistic Health Coach

Receive Access to the course “How to Forgive Yourself and Start Enjoying Life Again!

6-week coaching program for just $97!
All registrants will receive access to the recordings.

Via Zoom Calls Tuesdays July 19 through August 23, 2022 at 10 am Pacific Time

Space is limited. Reserve your seat today!

Click the button below to access
“How to Forgive Yourself and Start Enjoying Life Again!” now.

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