How to Conquer a Dragon Part 1

Written by on February 6, 2013

Sylvia RogersDoes dealing with negative emotions seem daunting to you? It did for popular author and speaker Sylvia Rogers. Today she shares her day of reckoning.


“’I have forgiven all who have wronged me.’ Can you truthfully state this?” asked the instructor of a three-day introspective seminar, Tools for Emotional Healing. Our assignment: to do the work to make this true.

I desired peace at all levels in my life, but the unknown wilderness in between was scary and exciting. How do you rid yourself of anxiety, fear, heartbreak, rage, resentment, and bitterness?  I knew to truly heal, I’d have to examine some things I had deeply tucked away. I had butterflies in my stomach at the prospect of the unknown.

I was a young thirty-something mom who desperately wanted to have a better relationship with my husband and understand myself better.  We were both stuffing things. I knew change had to come.

We formed small groups—a safe place. My insides were churning as I looked inward and saw a place that was murky and dark. What exactly is in there? Fear, embarrassment, self-consciousness, timidity, anxiety, anger, resentment, and sorrow. It all seemed stacked up in a daunting, nebulous cloud. I was sure lurking within it was something even worse. My hands were clammy, my stomach cramped, as if my solar plexus encased some nebulous monster. I felt tense, tormented, and terrified.

Confront the dragon directly? I thought. To be honest, maybe it would be easier to just leave it there.

(To be continued.)


Readers, in what circumstances do you fear confronting negative emotions?  Are there any benefits to leaving them untended?


Sylvia Roger is author of The Pearl Box. She has a B.S. in Nursing and a certificate in Nutrition. Sylvia has worked as a Natural Health Practitioner and Herb Specialist for over 30 years and is a popular author and international speaker.

Find Sylvia Rogers at:  The Herbal Health Center, 829 SE 182nd Ave., Portland, OR, 97233

Visit The Pearl Box website:

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