How Does God See Time? ~ Kathie Nelson

Written by on November 15, 2016

Do you sometimes wish you could go back and shift the hands of time? “Hey, Jesus,” you say as you work through your to-do list, “I’m not quite meeting my goals here. Stress is mounting!”


This week I have the pleasure of introducing friend and Spirit-led business/spiritual mentor Kathie Nelson. Kathie connects Kingdom and the Tenacious Pursuit of Jesus for every Christ-follower. She has developed multiple businesses and does sales training and business development and strategies. She has helped many disciples of Christ frame their vision with fresh views of Kingdom systems in real time.


Kathie Nelson:

I believe Kingdom time is in time, through time, and beyond time.

God is in time at every moment with us. He’s also through the fabric of time. He moves beyond time, because He is God, Alpha and Omega. He always has been and always will be. When He looks at time, He sees it all in one moment. His capacity for understanding, seeing, and orchestrating our time is supernatural.

Only God can do that. By the power of the Holy Spirit, the more and more we get that revelation in us, as we navigate through time and move by the Spirit in time, the enemy loses his pressure on us. The enemy’s tactics are to make us feel like we’re too late, we don’t have enough time, we’ve missed an opportunity, or that we’re out of sync with time. That’s not in Scripture! When we who are bought by the blood of Jesus are grafted in, we actually live, move, and have our being in Him.


The more we allow that to sink into our psyche, our thinking, and our patterns, and let it wash the neuropathways and ways of thinking from the past, the more we allow the Holy Spirit into the process.

Jesus will re-form our thinking into His thinking. We then have less and less stress from those enemy plots and tactics. When they come up, we’ll notice them.  Maybe we’ll think “I’m feeling stressed. I don’t have enough time. I was a failure because I missed that appointment. I missed that item on my to-do list. I can’t seem to get my time-blocking to work, because that just doesn’t feel natural to me.”

That is an enemy voice that wants you to come into agreement with it about you being a failure. You’re not! We live and move and have our being in Christ. Jesus is able to take anything and work it together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose, which we do and we are. So any missed appointment, anything that wasn’t on our to-do list, whatever that is, He promises to redeem and restore.

When we come to Him and repent where we’ve beat ourselves up, we can say, “God—wow, I can see I was in agreement with something that wasn’t what You and Your Word say about me. I repent that I came into agreement with that unwittingly.


Then we come into agreement with truth:

When we misstep, He will redeem it when we come to Him, because He is God! He is so good! Whatever He has put in your hand, those are His gifts to you.


Lynn:  Thank you, Kathie! Friends, for further reading, I recommend Chuck Pierce’s book, Redeeming the Time.


Friend, what regrets have you felt?  How do you to frame them with God’s perspective of time?

(Photos March 2016 at Beacham’s Clock Company, Sisters, OR)


kathie-nelson-photoWidely regarded as an expert in business growth and entrepreneurial ventures, author, speaker, and certified management consultant Kathie Nelson has helped numerous companies and individuals with vision-casting, strategic planning, business models, and personalized marketing plans.

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