Graham Cooke: Our Standing in Christ (5-min. video)

Written by on March 21, 2017

When it comes to forgiving past failures, knowing our identity beyond all shadows of doubt introduces a dynamic of surety into our supernatural equation. An absolute highlight in my spiritual journey happened at Graham Cooke’s October 2013 Anaheim conference, The Mind of a Saint. He proclaimed truth after truth about our Standing in Christ. We jumped, cheered, whistled and did handsprings. Today, watching the video gives me God-bumps every time!

Time for a bit of fun.

~ Click on Graham’s Youtube video, Our Standing in Christ.  (Not yet! Read on first.) When you get there, pause the video.
Return to this page and open Jonathan David Helser’s video No Longer Slaves here.
Play both videos. (You might find that “No Longer Slaves is too loud. You can turn down the volume in Youtube.) Then go back to Graham and watch!  View Our Standing in Christ while listening to No Longer Slaves. Isn’t that powerful?!

Graham says, “Reflecting on who we are in Him allows us to take a fresh stand in all that God wants to be for us and all that He wants to help us become.” (For more, see Graham’s article A Quick Reminder of Who You Are in Jesus.)

Which of these identities is God calling forth for you right now?

Imagine the possibilities!

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