Empowered Life Coaching

Get Clarity. Get Empowered.

Get Unstuck And Move Forward!

Are you going around in circles, maybe losing sleep over decisions you need to make?

Do you need clarity in finances, health, or relationships?

Are you discouraged – some days feeling like you’re taking two steps forward, three steps back?

If you feel like you could use a plan to move forward, you can navigate change with the Holy Spirit!

Purpose-Filled Life Coaching

If you working through regret and decisions that landed you in a place of frustration, you’ve come to the right place. I have strategies to connect and equip you with fresh ways of letting go of the past and finding open doors. 

I know because I’ve struggled with the same stuff you have. Pushing past losses, like getting my car stolen from in front of my house last summer and a few days later losing my mother-in-law. Dealing with a family member with ongoing health issues that seem to hang on. Ugh!

What’s the the number one problem you’re trying to solve right now? Where do you need a tune-up in getting transformed by the renewing of your mind?
I hafta do that all the time. Every. Single. Day.  

Keepin’ it real, I’ve learned a lot about life by hearing feedback from friends and family who told me I was missing it – that I was moving too fast, and that I was too rushed and not settling in to listen. Along the way I learned how to get fear’s voice outta my head and up my game with self-talk.

 If I can do it, I figure,  so can you. 

 I like to help people find fresh ways to hear God’s voice in a noisy world. Not just any message, but a message just for you – with your mission and vision – for your dream. I’ve helped people get wisdom for moving across the U.S., write their first book, salvage their marriage, navigate the choppy waters of family conflict, and find their tribe.

 I invite you to get encouraged and uplifted. 

Confident solutions

 –  Shed stress, anxiety, and worry, so that you can be filled with Christ’s peace,

– Recognize how your passion intersects with your God-given purpose.

–   Learn how to activate goals by observing, thinking, speaking, and acting excellent outcomes.

–   Learn how to deal with injustice – and how to overcome pain of the past.



The Benefits Of My Life Coaching

  • Explore your identity and exchange lies for God-truths. Find clarity.
  • Find out how to see God’s choices with highlights called “Holy Spirit swishes.”
  • Learn 7 tips on how to deal with conflict.
  • Walk free of guilt, regret, and condemnation. Heal painful memories.

    With My Christ-Centered Coaching Program You Can:
  • Learn how to answer tough questions when you discern and apply the Holy Spirit’s heart, thoughts, and wisdom.
  • Learn how to make transitions faster and easier as you see, hear, sense, know, and dream what God’s saying to you.
  • Identify 5 obstacles holding you back – and clear-cut ways to avoid them – on your personal/career path. Increase your confidence as you shatter perceived limits!


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Find Clarity For Financial Abundance

Face it. The last couple of years have been brutal for most of our budgets.In coaching sessions, explore answers to  targeted questions to empower you to get clear answers to move forward when you’re stuck. With a personalized focus, you can walk out an effective approach on a Spirit-led path to success. Get equipped with clear, easy steps to confirm that path.

Overcome Relational Roadblocks

With the help of a coach, you can learn how to move past times of stress, conflict, communication breakdown, and poor boundaries with people. Discover how to work through conflict with practical, relevant steps that you can use right away. Explore strategies to dealing with difficult people. Learn the number one issue to defend in conflict. Learn how to find laughter in the middle of painful moments of change that you didn’t choose. Get breakthrough!


Get Your Health Back On Track

  • Are you finding health challenges making it hard to keep your energy up? Have ups and downs been discouraging – with diet, nutrition, and maybe trying to get more sleep? Has stress caused you to gain weight or reach for unhealthy foods? 
  • What distractions have been pulling you away from targeted planning and follow-through with health goals? Identify and get rid of obstacles so that you gain momentum for work and play. 
  • Learn keys to staying focused and on track – and make good decisions with changes coming up this year. 

Be Heard & Increase Your Influence

  • Do you want to be heard in a noisy world? Learn methods to express yourself with words and actions so that you can be understood. 
  • Get empowered with strategies to connect and engage with key people so that you can help more people live enriched lives. 
  • Learn how to “zoom out” and see the big picture so that you can make times of change easier for your family. 

What Sets Me Apart?

I’m committed to serving people with excellence and encouragement as they navigate uncertain waters. 


Questions? Let’s do it!

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I’m Lynn Hare, a passionate Christian business coach, trainer, and certified teacher from Portland, OR. I equip businesspeople worldwide to expand their influence with a renewed awareness of their purpose, mission, and vision. 

With “interactive synergy,” I lead engaging discussions while equipping leaders seeking growth strategies to shape their communities with innovative solutions.

As a certified teacher of 30+ years, I know how to leverage learning styles and strengths to create winning and adaptable approaches needed in a changing world. As an award-winning author, I help people express their messages to multiply their impact and reach.

I serve on the Board of Serving Our Neighbors (James Autry, Executive Director) and am a member of the Marketplace Catalyst, which engages marketplace leaders to influence culture and society for their communities.

How I Got Started


I began coaching in 2018. In 2018-2019, I taught a live workshop in Portland called Spiritual Quotient. Scores of participants learned practical tools for empowered transitions with Spirit-led decision-making.

In 2020-2021, I taught a weekly online international class called Team Possible. People from twelve nations discussed and gained practical takeaways for activating Spirit-led principles in their lives.

Today I teach winning Kingdom strategies to businesses worldwide.

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What people are saying

I hired Lynn for Spiritual and Business Coaching. While working with her, I had shifts in thinking and began to develop new habits for success. Lynn is tuned into the Holy Spirit. Our sessions were a mix of practical business-building protocols and heavenly encounters. Lynn is a woman of joy, playfulness and self-acceptance. She is a great example and mentor.
– Pam Neubauer
Life Coach and Professional Organizer

2020 was a year of reset, reformation, dreams fulfilled and prayers answered.  I needed to lose apathy and cynicism that had slowly developed in me over the past six months.
Lynn’s coaching came at the right time for me and for those I influence. I savoured each session. I am feeling re-ignited, alive, and free again!
– Tien Nguyen
Canberra, Australia

Lynn embraced me and helped me to grow. When I was at a stage when I was a little bit lost, I learned how to press back into God in a deeper way. The things Lynn touched on were brilliant. And the laughter! Lynn Hare is perhaps one of the funniest Christian women on Earth. It has just been amazing!
– Paulette Kumar
Holistic Health Coach


Click below to schedule a FREE 45-minute no-obligation Strategy-Builder video call with me

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