Dandelions Are Weeds? Part 2

Written by on August 22, 2012

As a grade school kid,  my eyes were opened to the natural world.  When I learned my favorite flowers, dandelions, were considered weeds,  I wondered, What will happen to all the wishes I made on their magic seeds? (Click here for Dandelions Are Weeds? Part 1)

I made a lot of mistakes as a kid. I didn’t always know how to be a good friend. When I was six, my friend Denise and I sometimes fought, but we didn’t stay mad for long. Ten minutes after a fight on a hot August day, we apologized and were best friends again, jumping in her lawn sprinkler. And we trusted each other. We knew everything was going to be okay.

I pray today you and I bear the innocence of a child-like spirit and fresh forgiveness that goes with it.  Let’s go to God with our tough relationships and leave the outcome to Him.  I pray we embrace His simple trust. And then let’s go run and jump in the “sprinkler” of His raining grace.

My friend, can you come out and play? Say yes! After we return from the playground, let’s snack on fresh strawberries at the table.

Oh, yeah. Bring some dandelions. We’ll need them for the centerpiece.

How can we remain child-like when others hurt us deeply? What is God’s role in keeping us child-like? What is ours?

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