Christian Life Coaching

Spirit-Led Tools For Clarity


Learn how to achieve steps in transition by discerning and applying the Holy Spirit's heart, thoughts, and wisdom.

Gain clarity with priorities "illuminated" by the Holy Spirit.

Learn how to see, hear, sense, know, and dream what God's saying to you.

Identify and remove obstacles holding you back on your God-given personal/career/relationship journey.

Get rid of stress, anxiety, and fear. Learn how to gain and keep Christ's peace.


Discover your "destiny verses" that help you make smart choices.

Learn how to deal with injustice. Overcome pain from the past.

Explore fresh ways to hear God's voice in a noisy world.

Get trained on getting the enemy's voice out of your head. Improve self-talk.

Learn 7 tips on how to deal with conflict.

Recognize how your passion intersects with your God-given purpose.


Learn how to get breakthrough by observing, thinking, speaking, and acting on targeted outcomes.

Get free of guilt, regret, and condemnation. Heal painful memories.

Get accountability for your goals.

Learn how interacting with your angels activates your destiny.

Get supported, uplifted, and encouraged!

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