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With our business accelerator mentoring group, you can . . . 

Save Time

Get Focused – Gain clarity and get crystal clear on what you need to do in order to reach your goals.

Eliminate Stress And Doubts

Clear the noise and worries and create a stress-free mindset that helps bring peace and clarity as you work to build your business.

Save Money

Identify common challenges and overcome financial obstacles with the Holy Spirit.

Business Accelerator Mentoring Group


–  Growth that can increase your bottom line as you employ practical business principles

–  Clarity and regret-free decision-making to reduce stress as you hear God’s voice

–  Easier management of staff as you find practical tips for communication.

–  One simple technology tip to improve your team’s efficiency

–  Think-tank brainstorming for your business so you can get fresh ideas as new trends show up

–  International friendships and kingdom networks/relationships that will expand your global impact

Ready to be empowered?

With Group Business Mentoring You Can Get . . .

An increased bottom line as you network with key industry contacts and accelerate your impact and influence 
Time savers and technology tips for creating and achieving your plan step-by-step.
Regret-free decision-making as you find and prioritize options, with less stress and more confidence
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Kind words from clients

Session 1  Introduction:  Cast the Vision For Your Business
Did you know that 45 of Jesus’ 52 parables had a marketplace context? Learn the three most important lessons from Jesus’ marketplace model so that you can get fresh insights on creating and writing the vision for your business—and pick up momentum this year.  

Session 2  How to Integrate Your Mind, Emotions, and Spirit
Learn how to activate your “Spiritual Quotient (SQ)” – the ability to discern and apply the Holy Spirit’s heart, thoughts and wisdom – so that you can multiply your bottom line. Find out how your mind and emotions get solutions as they “talk to” your spirit so that in unique times of changing markets and uncertainties, you can find certain answers.

Session 3  Listening Prayer:  How to Hear God’s Voice
Learn how determine—and get confirmation for solutions to tough questions—that  the voice you hear in your head is really God’s (and not yours, the devil’s, or bad pizza). Learn simple but effective, time-saving ways to communicate what you hear, to your team.

Session 4   7-Step Spirit-Led Networking

Use seven practical hands-on steps to accelerate your impact and influence with the Greatest Networker in the World, your competitive advantage—The Holy Spirit. Learn how to partner with Him to tap into the “gold mine” of resources available to you. With this method, cut through years of relationship-building time to accelerate connections, influence, and sales.

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I'm Lynn Hare!

I’m a Kingdom business coach, trainer, and certified teacher from Portland, OR. I equip businesspeople worldwide to expand their influence with a renewed awareness of their purpose, mission, and vision. 

With “interactive synergy,” I lead engaging discussions while equipping leaders seeking growth strategies to shape their communities with innovative solutions.

As a certified teacher of 30+ years, I know how to leverage learning styles and strengths to create winning and adaptable approaches needed in a changing world. As an award-winning author, I help people express their messages to multiply their impact and reach.

I was transformed and healed as I developed a
deeper relationship with God. In His presence, I found breakthrough! And I’ve seen breakthrough in miracle after miracle in client transformation.

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