Appropriate it!

Written by on February 29, 2012

“You’re entering a new season of growth and fruition,” an intercessor prayed over a friend. “Be prepared for God’s favor!” I frowned. Why isn’t someone speaking that over me?

For years, I fought jealousy over others’ divine words of hope and inspiration. But one day, I learned how to appropriate words of wisdom spoken over others. It was one of those fireworks-light-up-the-sky kind of moments. To “appropriate” means “to take possession of for yourself.” I learned from a pastor that when a word or prayer is spoken over someone, if there’s a God connection and it resonates within your spirit, you have the right to claim it, too.

Soon, as I heard others praying aloud, I began to ask, Jesus, is that meant for me, too? I was amazed at how often I heard Him whisper in my heart, Yes, that’s yours, too. Take it and act on it. At other times, I believe I heard Him say, No, my child. That prayer is only for them this time. But somehow that didn’t bother me, because as I gradually grew (and am still growing) in accepting God’s huge, deep love for me, I’m filled with a divine content that there is much more on its way.

Favor. Healing. Increase in finances. Beauty. Breakthrough. Many such appropriated promises have quickened my heart.

Have you ever overheard a prayer and appropriated it for yourself? Even when a truth is seemingly not directed at you, how can you tell if it belongs to you anyway? How have you encouraged others in prayer this week?

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