An audience of One

Written by on August 4, 2012

Record-shattering news: American swimmer Michael Phelps earned an unprecedented 22 Olympic gold medals, 18 of them gold.

This week, viewers around the world watched the swimming phenom outperform his competitors and demonstrate unquestionable speed and power. He’s the best Olympian in history. How astounding to sport such agility and explosion of athletic prowess before a billion people!

Yet most of us will never see such fame. We’re called to live quiet lives  (okay, some of us are not that quiet!) and humbly before an audience of One. When we make choices of strength and integrity, especially when no one but the Lord is watching, we rightfully earn the gold medal He puts around our necks.

Have you struggled with an attitude or decision you made when only God was watching? And did you do it God’s way? Bet you did. Way to go! I’m crazy-proud of you. Three cheers for you for following through on your commitment to Christ!

What are your actions like when you know many eyes are on you? Who’s cheering you on today for your choices before an audience of One? Who can you encourage today to be the same person in private as they are in public?

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  1. jane West   On   August 6, 2012 at 10:35 pm

    Thanks for the reminder, of WHO is our real Audience. Whatever we do, we do for Him. He always cheers me on. And I hope to always do the same. Good thoughts, Lynn.

    • Lynn Hare   On   August 9, 2012 at 8:48 pm

      Jane, thanks for the comment. You’ve left a significant mark on emerging writers – 3 cheers for the legacy you’ve left for this generation and the next!

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