Lynn Hare

Hi. I’m Lynn Hare. I’m a Christian trainer, coach, and author.

I help people overcome the anxiety of tough decisions with a clear head, peaceful heart, and confidence as they learn to hear God’s voice. I help businesses and ministries grow with Christian principles.  I love prayer – sharing what we see, hear, sense, know, and dream what God is up to.

I’m a possibilitarian! Don’t you love the sound of that word? Possibilitarian – someone who activates possibilities with hope-filled expectation! My mission is to activate a million possibilitarians around the world. As we get to know the Holy Spirit, we learn more about His empowerment, purpose, and possibilities. And with fresh expectations, we activate others’ destinies on their journeys too.

I’m a four-time Cascade Writing Award winner and author of the award-winning book The Quest for Self-Forgiveness. An enthusiastic trainer, coach, and certified teacher, I equip people with tools for reaching goals with clarity in personal and business success,

I’ve published over 100 devotions, inspirational articles, and poetry in numerous Christian periodicals like Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Spirit of America, The Upper Room, Pathways to God, The Secret Place, The Christian Communicator, God’s Word for Today, LIVE, Now What?, and The Christian Journal.

I’m a certified teacher with 30+ years of teaching in public schools. I serve on the Board of Serving Our Neighbors in Portland.

I’ve prayed with thousands of people 1-on-1.

I serve on global teams creating international humanitarian projects. Among them are training centers that equip people around the world as they discover their mission and vision.  I’m a former member of Graham Cooke’s worldwide prayer team, The Warrior Class.

My husband of 40 years, Tim, and I live in Portland, OR. We have three adult kids and two precious grandkids.

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