A forgiving love

Written by on July 29, 2011

Last week Tim and I headed up to Trout Lake, Washington to enjoy a week together.  We looked forward to celebrating 30 years of marriage with a little R & R out of town.

Before we left, there’d been conflict after conflict between us.  Without meaning to, we began to focus on the negative.   Not long before we left for the trip, we decided to make the week into a retreat. We resolved to spend the week sharing our hearts with one another.

We’re reading “Divorce-Proof Your Marriage” by Gary and Barbara Rosberg. The companion workbook, “Discover the Love of Your Life All Over Again” contains practical prompts that address six kinds of love in successful marriages:  forgiving love, serving love, persevering love, guarding love, celebrating love, and  renewing love.  The books are excellent.

We shared hurts and offenses with each other, and wrote them on small bits of paper.  We shared our pain, then asked and extended forgiveness as we burned the papers in the wood stove.  There was  a tangible shift – and loads of laughter as joy rose to the top.

We went on hikes and were refreshed beside waterfalls and atop hills. As we reached each destination, we burst into spontaneous worship together. It was remarkably fulfilling to spend time in nature with our two best friends – Jesus and one another. We settled in and enjoyed a time of newfound peace.

With the fresh infilling of grace, I’m amazed at how we’re lighter, freer, and stronger. There’s a new kindness and love in our romance.

We’re looking forward to celebrating the next thirty years together.  Hooray!

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  1. Julie Jackson   On   July 30, 2011 at 9:11 am

    In case I’m not around in 30 years, Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary!!

    Your tired, but thankful friend!

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