3 Tips for Staying Focused

Written by on July 18, 2013

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An airplane zooms overhead and you feel the vibrations of the loud engine in your chest. Do you look up?

Get dozens, or even hundreds of emails a week? Which ones do do you take time with? Which ones do you delete? Every day we’re bombarded with TV, Internet, cell phone, and engage in person-to-person dialogue. How do we decide what’s important? As we mature in our walks with God, we learn the importance of God thoughts and God images and God words.

Here are three tips on how to stay focused in a busy world:

  1. Start your day with proactive prayer: “Holy Spirit, flow through my thoughts. Show me what You see. Let me hear what You hear.” 
  2. When you encounter a new opportunity, pray,  “Jesus, is this Your focus? Or is it a distraction?” 
  3. When you get distracted, calm your mind. Declare, “Haste and frenzy, leave me now. Father God, Your calm center is mine.  Slow me down. Where and how do I direct my attention?”

When we give God our undivided attention, Kingdom  results multiply.

When you get distracted, how do you get back on track?

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