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Lynn Hare, Author and Speaker

About Lynn Hare

Lynn Hare is a triple Cascade Writing Award winner and author of the book The Quest for Self-Forgiveness. Lynn, a certified teacher, serves on the Board of Oregon Christian Writers. She’s a contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Spirit of America and The 8th Mountain by Dr. Bruce Cook. Lynn has published numerous articles in books and periodicals, including The Upper Room, Pathways to God, The Secret Place, The Christian Communicator, God’s Word for Today, LIVE, Now What?, and The Christian Journal.

Lynn’s passion is activating awareness of our identities in Christ and the explosive freedoms of forgiveness. She delights in journeys that release Holy Spirit joy and possibilities found in the most unlikely places. She has prayed with thousands of people one-on-one and serves on multiple intercessory teams in the Portland, Oregon area.

Visit Lynn’s author page and blog at www.lynnhare.com.

Lynn's Topics

3 Steps to Self-Forgiveness

Have you wished you could turn back the hands of time? Good news: one simple step will empower you to think more clearly and take back your heart and home: forgive yourself. With humorous stories and a fresh voice, Lynn describes her journey of forgiving herself following a car accident in which her son suffered a severe head injury. Learn 3 practical steps to self-acceptance and confidence found in the explosive freedoms found in God’s forgiveness. Embrace yourself with heartfelt grace!

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5 Steps to Mining Failure for Gold

How do you succeed at failing? If the mistakes Lynn made were hot dogs, you could wolf down a Wrigley Field full on a Saturday night, and still have some left over for breakfast! How do you succeed at failing? How might God use even the most peculiar for His glory? What is the language of failure? Of success? How does self-talk change the outcome of things? Lynn’s funny and touching message will provide 5 takeaways to empower you today.

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3 Steps to Getting Unstuck & Becoming a Possibilitarian!

Do you sometimes feel stuck? A possibilitarian activates possibilities with hope-filled expectation. What if we don’t view life as a series of problems, but rather opportunities of intersecting clover leaf possibilities? How does a multi-dimensional God see us? Learn 3 simple steps to getting unstuck and moving forward.

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What People Are Saying

You can trust Lynn—she has proven these principles in daily living for herself, and has brought others into marvelous freedom along the way. Journey together with Lynn, and see for yourself how exciting and liberating it can be.

Lynn Hare’s candid, courageous, and compelling account of her journey to self-forgiveness inspires and brings hope as she provides practical steps to escape self-destructive cycles and patterns of thought and behavior. She intermingles compassion and colorful stories from her own life and shows the way forward to wholeness and integrity.

I admire Lynn’s style and storytelling ability. Allow Lynn and  the Holy Spirit to be your guide on this journey of freedom—highly recommended and desperately needed in our unforgiving culture.

Lynn Hare appropriates truth but does not come away with pat answers. Lynn’s journey is open, humble, and authentic as she explores what it means to have a vibrant relationship with Christ.

“I really enjoyed Lynn’s personal testimony and how she wove it together with Scripture, God’s compassion, hope, and redemption in a unique way that was impacting and memorable. Lynn has a real mission and zeal to share.” 

Lynn’s message is a gem that takes readers, one exercise at a time, into the amazing benefits of self-forgiveness.

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