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“I am amazed at Lynn’s insights and gift of words. Truly God has touched her and is using her in many lives!”   — Sherri Langton, associate editor of Bible Advocate and Now What?




  • Following a childhood of physical abuse, I have the privilege of praying for restoration for others who are healing from trauma.
  • Married for over 35 years, I’ve seen the power of forgiving love.
  • Following a car accident with my son Ben when he was a baby, I’ve found self-forgiveness and hope in a healing God.
  • The birth of my stillborn girl has opened doors as I’ve connected grieving parents with the comfort of the Holy Spirit.
  • Raising three children has increased my reliance on humor, especially on days when I had no answers – or, for that matter, barely knew the questions.
  • Dealing with years of fibromyalgia equipped me to pray for those who have  chronic pain when it competes with God’s voice.
  • As a certified teacher drawing alongside students of all ages, I encourage the next generation to search out and share how they’ve grown in tough times of their own.