The journey of the last few weeks has been a trek beneath the matted canopy of a delightful rainforest.

Here, a toucan calls my name.

“Lynn! Lynn! It’s time! It’s time!” he calls. My face lights up with joy.

He nods and takes off in flight.

I’ve poured my heart into a unique and marvelous creation’s gestation period. A very long gestation period.

Longer than elephants in the womb, even. At least with an elephant, after two years, there’s a small (200-pound!) animal on a pile of wet straw after Mama Pachyderm has delivered him. The new life I’ve been eating, breathing, sleeping, and dreaming has taken 5 long years to come to maturity.


I find myself in a rather intriguing jungle called self-publishing. All kinds of creatures drop onto my head from vines above. Curiosities like ISBNs, barcodes, dpi’s, .psd’s, and pop-up menus for formatting written by Aborigines.

My new book, The Quest for Self-Forgiveness, is coming March 14. I’m excited to share our Jesus with a world who cannot yet appropriate His grace for themselves. I’ll introduce them to the Greatest Possibilitarian who ever lived.

I invite you to enter into a new level of Christ-grace. Order a copy today.

Join me in celebrating fresh life in the Spirit!

Imagine the possibilities!

What project have you completed that had a huge gestation period?