Want to win a transformative book about how to become the impassioned leader Christ created you to be?

A brilliant book like that comes along about once every lifetime.

The 7 primary spheres, or Mountains of influence in our culture have been cultivated and prayed for and enriched: Faith, Business, Government, Education, Media, Arts & Entertainment, and Family.

But a short trek across the rocky terrain will yield a vista of another mountain, the 8th Mountain, which is the Mountain of the Lord. My good friend and godly IdeaLeader, Apostle Dr. Bruce Cook, has released a new book, The 8th Mountain: How the Mountain of the Lord Transforms and Empowers Leaders to Influence the 7 Mountains of Culture. I had the privilege of contributing to two chapters (on forgiveness, rest, and stewardship).

I recently asked Dr. Bruce for the behind-the-scenes story of the book. Here are his insights.

Q. Where does the name The 8th Mountain come from?
A. Since many people are familiar with the 7 Mountains of Culture taught by Dr. Lance Wallnau and written about by Johnny Enlow, and first originated by Holy Spirit in vision form in August 1975 separately to 3 spiritual leaders – Loren Cunningham, Bill Bright, and Francis Schaeffer – it was only natural and logical to name the book The 8th Mountain to show the foundational connection between the Mountain of the Lord and the 7 Mountains of Cultural Influence. (Pictured above: Lance Wallnau and Dr. Bruce Cook.)

Q. What inspired you to write The 8th Mountain?
A. The Holy Spirit commissioned me to write this book in January 2017 while I was in Washington, DC with a diverse group of Christian leaders to pray for President Trump and Vice President Pence and their families. The table of contents was downloaded to me by the Holy Spirit in a hotel room one night in around 30 minutes.                                    

Q. What was the greatest challenge in writing the book?
A. There were several challenges in writing the book: 

1.) Finishing it in time to release it at our annual KCIA summit in August 2017 required several all-nighters and a team of contributing writers.
2.) Adequately addressing such a wide variety of content in 21 chapters.
3.) Bridging the gap between heaven and earth.

Q. In what way does The 8th Mountain represent your personal legacy? 
A. I cannot imagine a better or higher, more noble legacy than to have the honor of writing the first full-length book about the Mountain of the House of the Lord, and how it is the pre-eminent or “chief mountain” that empowers, transforms and influences leaders in the 7 Mountains of Culture (cultural spheres) on earth.

Q. Are there plans for additional materials such as a workbook?
A.  Yes, plans for an 8th Mountain workbook are in the works.

Q. What are 8th Mountain website/resources all about?
A. The 8thMountain® web portal is designed to bring together a like-minded community of IdeaLeaders who are busy changing the world one idea at a time. The website offers a variety of resources to front line leaders in all 7 Mountains of Culture, including inspirational and educational videos from other leaders, blog posts, e-books, link to an 8thMountain Facebook page, a list of coming events and our annual summit, and more.      

Q. What is an IdeaLeader? How might the Holy Spirit use this book to bring forward more IdeaLeaders?
A. I
deaLeaders are people who are thought leaders in one or more spheres of influence, and who are implementing God-inspired and/or God-breathed ideas in the world around them, either alone or more often, as a collaborative team effort with others. There are literally millions of these IdeaLeaders in the earth today, and I hope the book and 8thMountain website help to provide a common orientation, frame of reference and body of knowledge and connecting portal to attract and bring together IdeaLeaders from different nations, generations, and spheres of influence.  

Q. What advice can you give aspiring kingdom writers?
Be instantly obedient to the Holy Spirit. Be willing to pay whatever price is required to fulfill your divine assignments in writing and other areas of life. Step out of the boat of your comfort zone and be willing to walk on the water figuratively speaking as you keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of your faith.  

Thank you, Dr. Bruce. I’m excited to turn the next page in my book of life with the godly precepts in hand . . . and to pray forward the disciples whose lives will get massive upgrades with every page turn of theirs.

It shall come to pass in the latter days that the mountain of the house of the LORD shall be established as the highest of the mountains, and it shall be lifted up above the hills; and peoples shall flow to it (Micah 4:1).

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 In what area of your spiritual journey is Christ inviting you to grow? Why? (E.g., humility, honor, favor, faith, love, giving, wisdom, influence, spiritual fruits and gifts, character, forgiveness, reconciliation, prayer, intimacy, worship, angels, stewardship, rest, health, wealth, hope, destiny.)

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Dr. Bruce Cook is the Chairman of Kingdom Congressional International Alliance (KCIA), a conglomerate of Christian business leaders who help equip the Church to engage in the global marketplace.  Dr. Cook has 40 years of solid business experience and is a top IdeaLeader in the Marketplace.  He has significant experience in business consulting, fundraising, private equity investments, and higher education.  He is the Chairman, CEO and Founder of VentureAdvisers.com Inc. and Kingdom House Publishing, Kingdom Economic Yearly Summit (KEYS), and National Association of Christian Chambers (NACC). Dr. Cook is the author of Partnering with the Prophetic and a five-volume apostolic anthology, Aligning with the Apostolic: An Anthology of Apostleship for which he served as General Editor and wrote Volume One. Dr. Cook  is a frequent speaker for conferences, seminars and workshops. He resides in the Gig Harbor, Washington area (in Lakebay).

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