OCW Workshop Feb 27 2016

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The River Blog Talk Radio with Maxine Marsolini and Jeannie St. John Taylor
Tuesday May 30, 2017 @ 11 am  The Secret of Guilt-Free Living

Oregon Christian Writers  Power Tips: Get Published in Periodicals!
Saturday May 20, 2017   Northwest Christian College    More info

Christian Chamber of Commerce The Role of Self-Forgiveness in Your Professional Life  June 14, 2016
Christian Chamber of Commerce The Role of Self-Forgiveness in Your Professional Life  July 28, 2016
Oregon State Penitentiary    The Magic of Expecting and Speaking    August 25, 2016

Start the conversation with Lynn to speak on these topics:

The Secret of Self-Forgiveness 

How do you release the pain of self-directed condemnation and gain personal freedom from guilt? Years ago, while driving my four-month-old son, Ben, I took my eyes off the road, drove off the side of the road, and leveled a metal light pole. Ben’s resulting head injury brought me guilt and condemnation for over twenty years. I’ll share how I was able to forgive myself. In How to Forgive Yourself, you’ll find real-life stories, funny illustrations, and practical tips to validate, strengthen, and refresh you.

The Quest for Self-Forgiveness

Have you wished you could turn back the hands of time? Good news: one simple step will empower you to think more clearly and take back your heart and home. That one act: forgive yourself.I’m excited you’ve dropped in! My vision is to heighten our sense of God’s explosive freedom found in His reckless acts of forgiveness, and to go on explores together! Imagine the possibilities!

Mining Failure for Gold

If you’re going to be a failure, you’ve got to go all out. Some of us are in Olympic training for a gold medal, practicing around the clock. How do you succeed at failing?Ask Joseph, who was in the business of premium dream interpretation behind prison bars. Or talk to Peter – who was too chicken to speak up and acknowledge that he knew Jesus. Jonah tried to run away from God, and traveled the seas with a free ticket to Whalesville.But God loved each of these failures – and used them to lead, to interpret, to speak, to inspire. He gave them second chances.What does “succeeding at failing” mean?

The Role of Self-Forgiveness in Your Professional Life

How does self-acceptance generate more productivity and enable you to serve your customers more efficiently? What strategies have you found successful in dealing with your inner critic? How does your self-talk set the pace for dialogues with others on the job? Bring stories and practical tips you’ve learned for self-acceptance, and be ready to help the rest of us grow. Get strengthened, refreshed, and equipped to lead a lifestyle extending grace and forgiveness to all—beginning with yourself.

Become a Possibilitarian!

What if life isn’t a convergent math problem with only one right answer? What If instead life is scissoring freeway cloverleafs with lots of possibilities? What if we step into those possibilities without understanding where they’re heading? What if we come to know the ultimate Possibilitarian Himself?
A possibilitarian sees explosive, expansive possibilities in everything. God sees forward. With Him, so do we.
What if the power of one day changed the course of events?

What people are saying:

“Lynn Hare gave a wonderful talk on Self-Forgiveness at at recent meeting of the Christian Chamber of Commerce.  She suggested we could reprogram our inner critic that brings up our past mistakes by appropriating Scripture verses reminding us of God’s forgiveness.  Lynn then gave us a tool to use to walk this out practically in daily life –  a picture wheel where we put the truths of God’s Word up against the lies of the enemy.  She emphasized that crucial to re-wiring our thoughts is daily conversation with the Holy Spirit.  I would highly recommend Lynn Hare as a speaker for your group or team.” – Linda Smith, Christian Chamber of Commerce,  Piano Artistry, Notes of Celebration

Lynn Hare has truly blessed my heart and mind every time I’ve heard her speak. I’d never listened or been present with someone who was so sensitively tuned in with God’s Spirit as far as wanting to speak His words and message for that very hour. Even as I watched Lynn win her first Cascade award at a summer conference, her grateful and gentle spirit seemed to receive the honor on Jesus’ behalf. It was a delight to see her husband and family quietly accompany her and show sheer delight with her reward. 

I look forward to learning more from Lynn. She’s a dynamic speaker with great faith and whose presence and words will linger a very long time in my spirit. – Jane Compton, Oregon Christian Writers Author

“I really enjoyed Lynn’s personal testimony and how she wove it together with Scripture, God’s compassion, hope, and redemption. She did it in a unique way that was impacting and memorable. Lynn has inherent story telling skills. The message stimulated me to reflect on any unfinished business I am still dealing with. Lynn is bold in revealing her struggles and victories which give others courage to begin their own journey. She has a real mission and zeal to share.”        — Sylvia Rogers, author The Pearl Box

“Lynn speaks from her heart and quickly establishes sincerity and credibility. Her voice expresses her emotions and touches ours. Her confidence and poise capture her audience with authenticity. She’s exceptional. She uses humor, personal pain, laughter and smiles to tell a story—her story—our story. She shares feelings, thoughts they raise, and how these are made manifest. She uses transitions with ease and grace to present a seamless narrative with love.”     — Marc Bettinger, President Emeritus, Portland Toastmasters, Portland, Oregon