It was 5:30 on a clear-as-blue-glass-sky June morning. Photographers hailed tethered hot air balloons preparing to launch at the Tigard, Oregon Festival of Balloons. The seventeen heaven-bound balloons beamed at us, every color of the rainbow. Soon, the red, yellow, orange, blue, purple, green, and gold orbs lit up the morning sky.

Gas heats air inside the balloon to 212°. The hot air inside, lighter and less dense than the cool air that surrounds it, lifts the balloon.  Likewise, as we let go of offenses, with a warmer, less dense attitude of forgiveness, we become buoyant.

Hot Air Balloon (3)

God invites us to pray from heaven to earth. Instead of looking at circumstances with our own limited feet-on-the-ground view, the Holy Spirit inspires us to perceive,  think, and speak as He does—from above. When we’re tempted to be discouraged with those who let us down, we can reframe the situation by praying: Holy Spirit, what’s going on? What must I shift in my thinking to see him or her like You do?Hot Air Balloon (2)

In what area are you able to gain a godly perspective with the upward lift of the Holy Spirit? When you pray from above, what do you gain?  What do others gain?