I like to give people a word of comfort and counsel. Exodus 19:5 says that we are God’s peculiar treasures. That means that He never wastes pain. Never. He calls forward the treasure in us, and that means that sometimes He uses something painful that has happened in our past, so we can turn around and encourage others with the same comfort we received from Him. 

One of my favorite things about Co-Co (Comforter and Counselor, the Holy Spirit) is that He sees the path that is spread out before us, and He knows that place of comfort and counsel. In that place, we can enter into a safe space with our friends, and call them forward into their future.

I spent way more years beating myself up over mistakes I’d made, than giving myself grace. My self-talk was harsh. I had a hard time looking in the mirror. But once I caught onto lies of the enemy, I forgave myself. I now share my journey of self-forgiveness with others and bring hope and a smile or two to people so that they can quit wrestling with those crocodiles, overcome failure, and walk forward confidently with fresh dreams.

Good-bye, Croc. Hello, Hare.

Rise to freedom!