What did Jesus mean when He said, “I am the light of the world?” What’s the importance of when He spoke those words?

Meet Spirit-filled Jakob Voorhies, a good friend from Bethesda Church. Sunday we had a really cool talk about God’s timing! Check it out! (1-minute video)

Lynn: Jakob, how do you best sense God? Like, do you see visions? Do you hear His voice? Do you sense the Holy Spirit in your heart?

Jakob: I use dancing to release what God tells me to release and break off what he tells me to break. I get pictures in my head of what God is doing, and I also have a keen sense of what is going on spiritually. I guess that’s the best way I sense Him: by just opening my eyes to what is always going on around me.

Friend, what’s the importance of understanding God’s timing when speaking His promises?
How do you sense God?
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