1-on-1 Coaching with Lynn Hare

Reserve your spot for a successful 6-week coaching program with Lynn Hare. Gain a clear sense of your identity in Christ and how it directly affects your abundance in finances, relationships, and physical health!

Finances ~ Abundance

~ Get clarity for freedom in your finances so that you can make those big-picture decisions your budget requires.
~ Make a list of action items for monetary freedom so that you can meet short- and long-term goals for your family.
~ Stop living for others – or yourself – and start living for Christ.

~ Take away tips on stewarding your God-given gifts so that you can see with fresh eyes God’s perspective on His provision for you.
~  Gain fresh prayers  for the God of cheeseburgers on 1,000 hills so that you can open a new fast food chain (or other bovine dreams).
~ Replace anxiety about finances with peace. Get new lenses of expectancy for rising finances.

Relationships ~ Abundance

~ Discover success in relationships with mental clarity and communicate more effectively.
~ Get back at the enemy. Exchange lies for God-truths so that you can get a good night’s sleep.
~ Explore the power of an intimate relationship with Co-Co, your Comforter and Counselor – the Holy Spirit – for “on demand” counsel 24/7.
~ Get tips on making difficult conversations easier so that you can spend less emotional energy on toxic people and more on love, joy, and peace.
~ Overcome failure in relationships and feel a sense of newfound acceptance. Learn how to make a friend by being a friend.
~ Get rid of discouragement and false guilt so that a “clean slate” mindset can make room for increase.

Physical Health ~ Abundance

~ Explore breakthrough in physical health so that you have more energy to accomplish those pesky items on your to-do list.
~ Integrate your faith so that you can solve everyday problems and make decisions with confidence.
~ Overcome cycles of pain by reframing your physical issues as “challenges” instead of “problems.”
~ Brainstorm solutions for your health so that your body is at its very best on the job – making you a more productive and desirable professional.
~ Navigate life’s transitions with intention and grace so that you can accept change – and its “new normal” with peace, resulting in confidence for other transitions that follow. 

~ Up your game in self-talk. Check out the benefits of positive words to uplift and encourage yourself, even when things go south. Especially when they go south!


The program includes 6 sessions: two sessions on financial freedom; two sessions on relational freedom; and two sessions on physical health. Invest $50 for each of 6 sessions. Total:  $300. Or invest $250 up front and receive one session FREE! 

1 Payment    $250

6 Payments   $50/week

Spiritual Quotient

Spiritual Quotient is an interactive seminar/retreat to explore Holy Spirit-clarity for your purpose, identity, and path for your growth. Discover the power and freedom found in godly focus for your DNA gig.  

~ Discover your unique purpose/calling so that you can be satisfied and more productive in your career.
~ Define your business/professional path with the help of the Holy Spirit so that you are in alignment with heaven’s plan for you, resulting in joy. Joy is the threaded needle that stitches heaven and earth together.
~ Identify your core identity so that you can serve others in your unique niche.
~ Get tips on how to see Christ’s face, hear God’s voice, and sense the heart of the Holy Spirit, so that you can have their wisdom for expanding your business.

~ Explore the world of the possibilitarian so that you can move things from possibility to actuality with your thoughts and words so that you can see God’s promises fulfilled.
~ Pick up 3 tips on how to tap into the secret of “With God all things are possible” so that you can be a reliable presence for your coworkers.
~ Get 5 tips on how to do business by the Spirit in “real time.”
~ Discover how to engage with angels in the middle of tension, conflict, fear, and confusion. Pick up three tips for interacting with angels that will provide a forward thrust for you to live with peace, unity, confidence, and cohesiveness.

~ Get equipped with tools to  define your unique kingdom assignment, so that you can determine next steps for your career/business.
~ Gain natural talent and  spiritual gift resources so that you can be empowered to excel at what you were uniquely designed to do.
~ Explore the difference between expectation and expectancy, so that your “culture” and language reflect kingdom.
~ Discover 7 secrets of the language of success. 

~ Explore the secret weapon of a prayer team for your business and see immediate gains in terms of spiritual traction.
~ Get 10 networking tips you can 
use right away that will save you time and money.

~  Get a new nickname from Jesus for every trial you go through, so that you can turn the tables on the enemy and use the “agony of defeat” moments as aha! moments that define you.
~ Discover your destiny verses. How do their life and pulse transform you and those in your world? Discover these verses so that you can bring the True North of your heart to everyone you influence.
~ Gain freedom from past hurts, offenses, pain, and painful memories so that you can travel light and free into your future.
~ Engage in the spirit of multiplication: pay your God-given solutions forward so that others can get a piece of the Purpose, Possibilities, Empowerment, and Victory action for themselves. Enjoy the community of shared purpose!


Coming soon . . . Identity Rising  – A new class: Explore your identity in Christ!