Here are the 5 most popular blog posts that appeared in my blog this year.

A “Brush With Death!  Lung Clot Trouble”  
How did Jesus rescue me from the jaw-crunching crocodile of death? How do you shut out regret in your head sneering, “Shoulda coulda woulda”?

 A Brush With Death: Lung Clot Trouble!  Part 1


“Go Crowd Surfing!”   
When you struggle to get back on your feet, go crowd surfing instead! How do your friends’ prayers make a difference?

Go crowd surfing!


How Spending Time in Nature Shifts Your Soul
How do you refresh yourself when you need a deep-cries-to-deep refresher? Watch this 2-minute video!


Publish Your Story!  Sweet Revenge
How do you exact one enormous act of retribution against the enemy? Tell your story! I triple dare you!

Publish Your Story: Sweet Revenge!


3 Things a Paper-Airplane-Throwing 7-Year-Old Taught Me  
In a classroom with defiant children, including Charlie Lindbergh, how does Jesus redeem the day?

3 Things a Paper-Airplane-Throwing 7-Year-Old Taught Me

Friend, which was your favorite?

Imagine the possibilities!

Happy New Year!