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Do you sometimes feel stuck? Overwhelmed with regret? Good news: one simple step will empower you to think more clearly and take back your heart and home. That one act: forgive yourself. 

Don’t you love the freedoms found in God’s reckless acts of forgiveness? Together, let’s discover purpose on our journeys as we celebrate our identities in Christ, release Holy Spirit joy, and find possibilities in the most unlikely places.

It’s time to get strengthened and equipped and to embrace yourself with heartfelt grace. 



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Co-Co Completes a Good Work in You!

Here’s a bit of fun with Co-Co, my nickname for the Holy Spirit, our Comforter and Counselor, who warms you up like a cup of cocoa.   Today the Holy Spirit is highlighting the verse, “He who began a good work in you will complete it” (Phi. 1:6).... read more

How to Overcome Regret in 3 Steps: A Cake Walk

Shoulda, coulda, woulda. I thought I kicked them to the curb years ago. But it looks like the Huey, Dewey, and Louie of the kingdom of darkness are still kickin’ it. Grrr! Do you second-guess yourself as often as I do? Easter Sunday, Emily and I went to Ben’s church,... read more

Sing Along: Reckless Love ~ Overwhelming, Never-Ending

In Jesus is a wonderful, reckless, irrational love. Do I deserve it? No. Do I want more of it? Yes. How about you? Allow your soul to soak in the cadence of this song about an unearned, never-ending, reckless God-love that leaves the 99 to pursue you.This is my new... read more

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3 Things a Paper-Airplane-Throwing 7-Year-Old Taught Me

Recently, have you run fingers through your hair, scrubbed your eyes with your palms, and shook your head mid-challenge with a difficult person? I have runways filled with days like that. Most days. Three weeks ago, I returned to public school classrooms as a... read more


It’s a good thing grace is at the core of this thing we call faith, I thought to myself. I struggled to worship, even to pray, as I mentally reviewed a list of offenses. An elderly neighbor roared at small children for squealing on their bikes as they rode past his... read more

Rise Above It: Gain Heaven’s Perspective

It was 5:30 on a clear-as-blue-glass-sky June morning. Photographers hailed tethered hot air balloons preparing to launch at the Tigard, Oregon Festival of Balloons. The seventeen heaven-bound balloons beamed at us, every color of the rainbow. Soon, the red, yellow,... read more