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Have you experienced setbacks and wished you could turn back the hands of time? Do you struggle with regret? Good news: one simple step will empower you to think more clearly and take back your heart and home. That one act: forgive yourself.

My name is Lynn Hare and I’m excited you’ve dropped in! My vision is to deepen people’s sense of God’s explosive forgiveness, and to empower and equip them to forgive themselves and understand His prevailing purposes.

I’m a Cascade Writing Awards winner, speaker, and teacher. My passion is helping people discover their identity in Christ.

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Latest Posts

How Telling Our Stories Can Be Healing

When you and I struggle with self-forgiveness, we’ve usually got deep, painful wounds put there by the enemy in the past. Do you want to know how to exact sweet revenge? Tell your story!  At the Oregon Christian Writers Conference in Portland last week, I met the... read more

Featured Posts

Grace Whistles For You & Holds You to Its Chest

Last Thursday, along with four other authors from the Faith and Culture Writers Connection, I had the chance to speak to inmates in the Oregon State Penitentiary. I encouraged the men to forgive themselves—as each of us needs to—for events in the past.  Here are a... read more


It’s a good thing grace is at the core of this thing we call faith, I thought to myself. I struggled to worship, even to pray, as I mentally reviewed a list of offenses. An elderly neighbor roared at small children for squealing on their bikes as they rode past his... read more

Rise Above It: Gain Heaven’s Perspective

It was 5:30 on a clear-as-blue-glass-sky June morning. Photographers hailed tethered hot air balloons preparing to launch at the Tigard, Oregon Festival of Balloons. The seventeen heaven-bound balloons beamed at us, every color of the rainbow. Soon, the red, yellow,... read more
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