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Have you wished you could turn back the hands of time? Good news: one simple step will empower you to think more clearly and take back your heart and home. That one act: forgive yourself.

I’m excited you’ve dropped in! My vision is to heighten our sense of God’s explosive freedom found in His reckless acts of forgiveness, and to go on explores together! Imagine the possibilities!

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Latest Posts

God’s Timing: Jakob Voorhies

What did Jesus mean when He said, “I am the light of the world?” What’s the importance of when He spoke those words? Meet Spirit-filled Jakob Voorhies, a good friend from Bethesda Church. Sunday we had a really cool talk about God’s timing!... read more

The Game is Afoot: The Power of Audio Bible

Last week, I saw Wonder Woman with my best friend. The action-packed movie was filled with adventures of Wonder Woman, Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained to be an unconquerable warrior. She leaves her home for the first time and fights in a war to end all wars,... read more

The Secret of Guilt-Free Living: The River Radio Show

Like me, do you play and replay scenes of past events in your mind and wish you could move forward without condemnation? Last week I had an awesome chat with Maxine Marsolini on her program The River Blog Talk Radio. We unearthed the secret of guilt-free living and... read more

Featured Posts

Go crowd surfing!

When is the last time you crowd surfed? You know, leapt into a mosh pit of concert fans and were swept across waves of undulating hands? My daughter Emily has been to twenty concerts and loves to crowd surf. Emily says: “I went to an August Burns Red concert. I was... read more

A Brush With Death: Lung Clot Trouble!  Part 2

In Part 1, Jesus and I spent the holidays hospitalized with blood clots in my lungs and legs. This week, I take a pass at last week’s questions. Q. I regretted not following a friend’s advice to get in to see a doctor earlier. How do I serve an eviction notice to the... read more

Grace Whistles For You & Holds You to Its Chest

Last Thursday, along with four other authors from the Faith and Culture Writers Connection, I had the chance to speak to inmates in the Oregon State Penitentiary. I encouraged the men to forgive themselves—as each of us needs to—for events in the past.  Here are a... read more

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