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3 Practical Tips from Co-Co to Amp Up Your Voice

One Sunday morning, at church, I danced and twirled and worshiped, filled with childlike Jesus-joy. But when the music ended and the speaker began, inwardly, I groaned. I loved the speaker but wanted my own chance to be up there on the platform.  Compared to their...

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3 Impactful Ways to Extend Your Influence & Reach

Are you looking for tips and tools to multiply your power as an influencer in your world? Are you ready for fresh ideas to spark more effective networking? Register for the 3 upcoming October Spiritual Quotient workshops! Workshop #1  Empowerment    October 10, 2018 –...

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Nikes primed on my feet, knee bent to the ground, the sole of my foot pressed against the starting block, I spread my fingers onto the coarse track. The starting pistol punctures the morning air with an explosive boom! In the race of life, I wish I could say that I'm...

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3 Things a Paper-Airplane-Throwing 7-Year-Old Taught Me

Recently, have you run fingers through your hair, scrubbed your eyes with your palms, and shook your head mid-challenge with a difficult person? I have runways filled with days like that. Most days. Three weeks ago, I returned to public school classrooms as a...

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Rise Above It: Gain Heaven’s Perspective

It was 5:30 on a clear-as-blue-glass-sky June morning. Photographers hailed tethered hot air balloons preparing to launch at the Tigard, Oregon Festival of Balloons. The seventeen heaven-bound balloons beamed at us, every color of the rainbow. Soon, the red, yellow,...

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