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The 8th Mountain Book ~ Dr. Bruce Cook ~ Book Giveaway

Want to win a transformative book about how to become the impassioned leader Christ created you to be? A brilliant book like that comes along about once every lifetime. The 7 primary spheres, or Mountains of influence in our culture have been cultivated and prayed for...

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Hamster Magic Carpet Ride ~ The Power of Spontaneous Joy!

https://youtu.be/Dfid7h7U_JU So what happens when Mrs. Hare spots a cute little hamster across a classroom and scoops up the little fellow? She zooms him around the room, belting out "A Whole New World," much to the merriment of the third grade class. Have a bit of...

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Co-Co Completes a Good Work in You!

https://youtu.be/dU0M6pcM8tw Here's a bit of fun with Co-Co, my nickname for the Holy Spirit, our Comforter and Counselor, who warms you up like a cup of cocoa.   Today the Holy Spirit is highlighting the verse, "He who began a good work in you will complete it" (Phi....

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3 Things a Paper-Airplane-Throwing 7-Year-Old Taught Me

Recently, have you run fingers through your hair, scrubbed your eyes with your palms, and shook your head mid-challenge with a difficult person? I have runways filled with days like that. Most days. Three weeks ago, I returned to public school classrooms as a...

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It’s a good thing grace is at the core of this thing we call faith, I thought to myself. I struggled to worship, even to pray, as I mentally reviewed a list of offenses. An elderly neighbor roared at small children for squealing on their bikes as they rode past his...

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Rise Above It: Gain Heaven’s Perspective

It was 5:30 on a clear-as-blue-glass-sky June morning. Photographers hailed tethered hot air balloons preparing to launch at the Tigard, Oregon Festival of Balloons. The seventeen heaven-bound balloons beamed at us, every color of the rainbow. Soon, the red, yellow,...

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